Also "Lords A’Leaping." I Also Wish You That.

In light of the fact that I am currently traveling through Chicago’s luxurious Midway Airport, I’ll keep my Christmas greeting brief (yet full of love- and perhaps only a bit of pith):
During this holiday season (and anytime else, really), I wish you cookies without slightly burned undersides, rendering the whole cookie kinda smoky…
…And helpful people. Like mail carriers who remember to close the mailbox on rainy/snowy days. And toddlers who don’t remove their boots in public places. Like restrooms. While we’re on that note, I wish you more Helpful Toddler and less Public Restroom in general.
I wish you naps. Glorious, snuggly, 3-blanket drowsy naps with nary a responsibility in the world…except maybe to inform someone what kind of beverage you’d like upon awakening. Maybe even the type of nap where a fabulously droney documentary is playing in the background, so you can sleep with the fuzzy knowledge that, by napping on the living room couch, you’re still being borderline “social.”
I wish you abject joy. The kind of joy that comes from explaining- with as much technical jargon as humanly possible- how exactly Santa Claus works. I hope you have a season where you get to concretely affirm the existence of magic (at least once).  
And lights. And decorations. And really, truly, eye-poppingly crazy displays of holiday cheer that- yeah, sure- are placing obscene amounts of money directly into the pocket of ComEd…but I still wish it for you. Because garish ornamentation at Christmastime makes one feel like a seven year-old. And, for real, is there anything better than being a seven year-old at Christmas?
I wish you love, family (or a decided lack o’ family, if that’s your happy place), and more than your fair share of nog. (Again, only if you like it. If not- NO NOG.)
And I hope you receive the noisiest, sparkliest, newest, and pokey-eye-outiest toy this side of A Christmas Story.
Oh yeah, and I also wish- as I have since I started writing letters to Santa in 1986- for world peace. (But also the sparkly toy, if that’s cool.)
(Merry Christmas.)



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