8 Ways To Tell If Perhaps You’ve Given Up On The Whole "Limit The Kids’ TV" Thing.

It all looks so real! Almost like it’s animated!
1) Your 2 year-old says “Vamanos!” as you leave the house. (Passersby commend you on your bilingual teachings, but you know that it’s really all Dora’s doing.)

2) You’ve actually referred to at least one of the Backyardigans as a jerk.

3) Everyone in your household knows that there are three separate Strawberry Shortcake series- the oldest of which is the one you yourself watched as a child. (And they also know about your very real fear of The Purple Pieman.)

4) Dreams have featured the Dinosaur Train. You’ve ridden on it in these dreams. And it was awesome.

5) You and your husband have debated the potential detrimental effect of Elmo’s “Me Speak,” Ming Ming the Wonder Pet’s speech impediment, and Diego’s predilection for shouting.

6) Whenever you break out the tools for a repair, at least one person shouts “Yes We Can!”

7) You find yourself choosing a new show at random- just to hear a different theme song, for the love of God.

8) And- most tellingly- when writing a list like this, you hear The Count’s voice in your head.

(Eight! Eight parental fails! AH AH AH.)



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