Time travel and being present


The other day, I took the kids to our neighborhood park. They were so full of energy and I was…so not. While they played I perched on the low perimeter wall and played eyeball Double Dutch as the three of them ran from slide to tire swing to climbing structure. But then I saw a mother who was so into what her baby was doing, seeing, feeling, and experiencing at that very moment in that very playground and, instead of {Read More}

ComedySportz’s 30th anniversary & why you need to be there


And now, in Chicago Entertainment News: Have you guys experienced Chicago’s beloved ComedySportz, “the funniest sport you’ll ever play?” You’ve probably heard of it, because a) they’ve been around for 30 years, and b) I recently co-hosted a superbly fun event there and no one was exempt from my social media excitement. In a town this saturated with fantastic comedic and theatrical experiences, lemme tell you a little bit more about why ComedySportz should be on your date night, family {Read More}

Speaking up and helping out.

In the hopes of sharing things “outside of my bubble,” I’m posting what I wrote yesterday on Facebook right here. Not because my voice is so terribly important and not because I have a pressing need to make the various crises in the world about my particular path, but because vigilance against injustice ain’t really a pick n’ choose kind of thing. Plus, speaking up paves the way for real, actualized results. Like the hate-filled Daily Stormer website having its {Read More}

Summer wins & fails- so far

Suzy Jasper backyard

Chicago Public School kids are officially done with their first month of summer vacation- and it was a looong time in the making. (Looking at you, everyone else who was frolicking in sprinklers by, like, May 12th.) I’m usually pretty hard on myself in terms of idealizing summer and then smacking that right up against Actual, Humans With Children Summer. But once we got the kitchen up and running again and all three children firmly home, it seemed…easier, somehow, to {Read More}

Two goodbyes, entirely too soon.


There’s no easy loss, and there’s never a “good” time to say goodbye to a loved one. That said, this week we’re saying goodbye to two souls who were intricate parts of my sisters’ and my childhoods, and who each brought something special to their families, to their loved ones, and to everyone lucky enough to meet them: They each created joy. Steve Dennis was one of my Dad’s bandmates for many years, and a housemate/soul brother, at that. As kids, my sisters {Read More}

Taking a Mama break with Netflix and the #StreamTeam

GLOW Mom Sneak 1

Disclosure: As a member of Netflix’s Stream Team, I bring tips and tricks and more streaming know-how than a raging river. (Or at least a comparable level.) Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and ‘Trolls’ earworms are entirely my own.  *** Here’s a gigantic news flash for anyone who’s been a parent longer than one commercial break: Parents need time to themselves and- if you’ll pardon the momentary gender bias- mamas need time to themselves (and sometimes sneak it in {Read More}

Kitchen, bathroom & deck renovation REVEAL!


So, what do we have to show for three weeks of work, zero access to a working kitchen, and one humongo sleepover for the last part of the school year? This: (Can we get a close-up on that sexy new door?) And this: And- oh- this: Plus, here’s my new favorite bathroom: And a porch so marvy it looks like it’s always been there: It’s enough to make my heart swell. (And ache a little bit, knowing my Dad would’ve flipped for {Read More}

Taking a rest…


Taking a rest… …for the rest of the week. Love you, Me