The Kiddos Take You To Montrose Beach.

This morning, I took the girls to the beach. And thought I’d show you the drive towards the lake, just so everyone (i.e., non-Chicagoans) can see how bizarre it is that there are miles of beach within a major metropolitan area. (Like- not off a highway, not a town over, just right there. In the city.)
Pulled out of our alley and headed east on Montrose. It’s very quiet here at 9am- the drunks are sleeping
it off and no one (to the best of my knowledge) is running around naked. Not pictured: three separate tamale
vendors. Also not naked. Just incredibly awesome.

Just over ten minutes later (because a high heat index apparently makes every stoplight turn red) we’re under
the Lake Shore Drive overpass and pulling into the marina/park/beach/rollerbladers.

View from the parking lot. That little person by the bike trail is Nora, yelling at me to either hurry
up with the beach toys or to leave Susannah and hurry up with the beach toys.

Just past the bike trail, the march to the beach (whereupon Nora is already too tired to go any further). It’s been
roughly nine feet. Also, Zuzu is done with her sunglasses for the whole day.

Free of their possessions, the girls have renewed energy to hike the [admittedly long] walk to the actual water.
The sand on Montrose Beach is actually sandy. Not so in all other Chicago beaches. Also- it is boiling hot.

Zu is the thrilled-iest to be dumping water on things which can actually get wet. (A big change from the other 95 percent
of her daily existence.) Also, her bottoms look like they’re about to fly away. I assure you this did not happen.

This beach has the coolest (and cutest) miniature seashells. Like, teensy twists and impossibly small bivalves. 

We made sandcastles, witch’s castles, and a moat for Zuzu to stomp in. (We also went swimming- but I’m
not insane. The camera phone stayed in the beach bag. In a Ziploc.) 

Beach picnic! 2 parts salami, 1 part sand.
Two hours later (and ten degrees warmer), we headed home. Thankfully Nora was there
to put Zu’s hood onto her [sweltering] head.

Beached. Also? My car is now 2 parts sand, 1 part apple slices.

I love summer.



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