What kind of friend am I?

jasper batman

Am I a good person? I’ve been wondering that a whole bunch lately. (You know, in between posts about how everything is falling apart, excessive birthday sentimentality, and the nonstop parade of theatrical endeavors. God bless you, nonstop parade of theatrical endeavors.) And no, I’m not looking for a bolstering message of- Oh my GAWD, you are SUCH a good person. Because I mostly know. Not that I’m “good,” per se, but that I’m kind. I don’t kick people and {Read More}

Six years of Suzy


Dear Susannah, Hey baby girl, happy birthday. Six! SIX. Exactly six years ago we met, and the squirming, kicking, cantaloupe-and-liverwurst-craving boy I had been so sure I was having… …turned out to be a rosy-cheeked, blonder-than-blonde dollface of a ladybug. You, kiddo. Since then, things have gotten pretty noisy. Since then, things have gotten pretty wonderful. I love how your heart leaps out of your chest to comfort a crying classmate, a meowing kitten, or a UPS guy who maybe {Read More}

It’s all (mostly) okay.


Here’s what’s okay: Asking your pal for help trimming up the back of your head/accidental between-haircuts mullet and listening to (and believing her) when she tells you that you looked gorgeous beforehand, anyway. Having the kids fed, bathed, jammied, and reading in your bed at 5:45pm on a Tuesday (and maybe pretending it’s waaaay later in the evening than it really is) because P.J.’s on a work trip all week and come ON, what can even be done in Seattle {Read More}

A flat tire, but buoyant spirits (eventually)


Yesterday started out really, really well. It lasted about 20 minutes. But during those 20 minutes, it felt pretty great to have everyone’s breakfast, backpacks, hairstyles, and varying bathroom needs wrapped up a little earlier than usual. I even had enough time to finish my first cup of coffee and kiss the kids goodbye in time to hear- “Uh, we have a problem.” P.J. drives the girls most mornings to their school (due southeast of our ‘hood), so hearing that out {Read More}

Grace. (A.k.a. We’ll see!)

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Things I will give myself grace about today: (a work in progress) -My kids are mostly clean, extremely well-fed, and unquestionably loved. The rest of the kid stuff I angst about in the middle of the night can hold off for a bit. (At least until tonight.) -When your body hurts, you should rest. Today, I should rest. (And if that requires yet more screen time for Jasper, well then, gracegracegracegracegrace.) -The brain is part of the body. When it’s {Read More}

Autumn angst.


When I was in my mid-twenties, my primary sources of income were nannying and teaching theatre to very little kids. They were great jobs; I got to be in a city I loved, surrounded by kids I loved, helping smallish people to grow into kind, artistic people (whom I still love). There was no better time of year to do all this than in the Fall, when everything suddenly seemed excitingly cozy. There was something so nesty about September and {Read More}

Losing your mind/gaining a kitten


…And then there are times you go slightly off the deep end, amiright? And sometimes it looks like this: You alert your husband to the fact that a neighbor is FreeBoxing (yes, a verb) an Ikea couch on Facebook and he agrees that, yes, it sure is a largish loveseat- and, oh, what, I should go get it? (Yes.) So part of the day is reserved for hefting furniture and rearranging living quarters (two of his all-time least favorite things {Read More}

Summer wins & fails- so far

Suzy Jasper backyard

Chicago Public School kids are officially done with their first month of summer vacation- and it was a looong time in the making. (Looking at you, everyone else who was frolicking in sprinklers by, like, May 12th.) I’m usually pretty hard on myself in terms of idealizing summer and then smacking that right up against Actual, Humans With Children Summer. But once we got the kitchen up and running again and all three children firmly home, it seemed…easier, somehow, to {Read More}