Things I didn’t do today.

Snapchat toast

In honor of the fact that I’ve been saying ‘what a week, right?’ since Monday evening, I’d like to offer a list of things which presented themselves to me today, and of which I decidedly did not take advantage. You’re welcome. Things I didn’t do today: Hit someone at the crosswalk. Even though my car was fully stopped (by law) and he had the right-of-way (by law), he still felt the need to do that hands fully extended thing as he shuffled off {Read More}

Disposable cameras and other relics

keely snapchat

While digging through the storage bins of my “desk” “area” (yes, both of those nouns are separately deserving of air quotes), I came across a tiny disposable camera. It was covered in wedding bells and looked suuuper dated, so I knew immediately it was one of my long lost wedding tabletop cameras. (…From nine years ago.) I knew the quality wasn’t going to be superb. (I mean, I love my nearest and dearest, but put a few glasses of wine {Read More}

#RiseUp, a.k.a. Time to go back to church


In today’s tale of… #BestLife questionable parenting moments …We have a quote from the one and only, five year-old, establishment-smashing child of mine. From the backseat of the car this morning, Suzy piped up with a question. “Mom? Do all churches have pictures of Jesus?” Knowing this was Suzy, and knowing that was not the real question she was asking, I paused for a second. “Well, Christian churches do.” “All?” “I think so, sweetheart.” “So, none have pictures of Alexander Hamilton?” {Read More}

Live-blogging jury duty*

Jury Duty

*…Not really. Because I’m fairly sure that’s illegal. Let’s try: Slightly time-delayed reporting on jury duty! I’m actually pretty excited about it. I’ve been training for this my entire life, what with the marathon sessions of Law & Order. (And Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Law & Order: Trial by Jury and oh my God, am I now in that one?!) Some of you who’ve been reading since way back in the day {Read More}

The key to happiness*

suzy happiness

(*…is something I do not have, sorry.) I consider myself a decently happy person. It’s true. I mean, is the world an increasingly frightening place in which to bring up my children and is the list of my chronic pain, fatigue, and immuno-related illnesses piling up like some barely insurable Dagwood sandwich for which I’ll need way more than a handful of napkins (proving, yet again, that not only am I part of the problem, I might actually BE the {Read More}

Avoidance, a.k.a, three more minutes, please.

susannah superhero

There are weeks where I’m feeling quite gung-ho about vigilance, justice, and general pants-putting-on-itude. See if you can guess if this has been one of those weeks. Recently, I’ve done this: Watched The Entire Twilight Series. Oh, not so bad, you say? What if I tell you I started the first one on a weeknight when P.J. was out, mainlined the second while he was snoring in bed beside me mere hours later, demolished the third one in ten-minute increments throughout {Read More}

Groundhog’s Day, a.k.a. social media balance


Today is Groundhog’s Day. Don’t you wish it were like the movie Groundhog’s Day, where the most important thing in the world was to change up your particular plot line, a la the film Groundhog’s Day? Don’t you wish that all you had to worry about in the world was finding time to sit down and watch Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day? Yeah, me too. Oh, friends. Someday soon my brain will allow me to craft elaborate narratives again, instead of {Read More}

What I know to be true today: January 26th, 2017


OhmyGAWD it’s been a week, hasn’t it? (What do you mean, it’s only Thursday? …That’s cool. I thought it was Tuesday for at least three hours this morning.) In a week like this (in a month like this, in a year like this, in an election cycle and subsequent four years like this), it’s good to check in with myself (and others) on what I know to be true today. Here’s what I know to be true today: Chicago is, {Read More}