On the second day of holiday events & giveaways…


Welcome to the Four Non-Linear Days of Fun Events and Giveaways and Yes, Even Some Alcohol Too, Day Two! No, I still haven’t chosen a better name. So, a Chicagoland Santa visit is in the works, friends? You can’t put too much thought into this. If it’s not the right Santa- a really good Santa- your child will most likely be traumatized forever. (Don’t confuse that with your child crying in the photo. Because that most likely will happen anyhow. {Read More}

Suzy defeats bedtime with the #StreamTeam and #5MoreMinutes.


Disclaimer: As a member of Netflix’s #StreamTeam, I get to wax poetic about everything Netflix-related, curated, and marvelous. This month’s theme is #5MoreMinutes, and we’re all laughing about the myriad of ways our kids Just. Won’t. Go. To. Bed. (Netflix’s idea? Let them watch a “whole” show, especially if that show is one of Netflix and DreamWorks Animation’s Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites.What a kind parent you are.) As always, all thoughts, opinions, and- sigh- nutso children are entirely my own. *** {Read More}

Puzzles, grief & yelling at screens.


My Dad and I used to collectively pull out our hair over puzzle games. We uttered angry, not-so-nice words at the computer screen while staring down images of Myst. We reveled in various games’  unlocked achievements, cascaded tiles, deciphered secret codes, and manipulated picture frames that somehow became castle keys. We had entire text conversations which consisted of “This level./I KNOW.” When my Dad first got sick, I sent him The Room, a stunning and immersive game- the kind that made {Read More}

Why (and how to) help refugees.

potato heart

It’s hard to escape the images of stricken, suffering Syrian families awaiting safe passage to…well, anywhere, really. (12.2 million Syrians- 5.6 million of whom are children. Million.) And I get it: there are so many people facing so much awful right now, you might be having trouble processing who (or where) gets top billing in the brain game called grief/rage/anxiety/rinse/repeat. And that’s okay. That’s legit. What’s not legit, however, is sitting quietly by while innocent victims are denied basic human rights {Read More}

Upcoming holiday events and giveaway, DAY ONE!

suzy baked goods

Two weeks later, I’m happy to report…that I’m simply awful at taking a two-week blogging absence. (I even started thinking in quips and copy. It’s a sickness, I tell you.) However, I’m stoked to announce that there is SO MUCH AWESOMENESS to do and win and see for this upcoming season. Some stuff is Chicago-y type goodness, and some is nation-wide joy. (Today is entirely Chicago-centric, friends.) I’m gonna go ahead and call this series The Four Non-Linear Days of {Read More}