Milestones With The #StreamTeam. And A Repeat Viewing Of Those Mighty Ducks.

jasper sleeping

As a member of the Stream Team, I’m gaga for the latest programming curated by Netflix- and only a teensy bit excited to share it with you guys. Where teensy=crazy-big. That said, all thoughts, opinions, and borderline-embarrassing love of The Mighty Ducks are my own. *** Parents live for milestones, right? Of COURSE. People don’t invest in baby books and shoe-bronzin’ because it sounds sorta fun, now do they? NO. It’s because they’re compelled. Like a compulsion. Like a never-ending, {Read More}

10 Months, Kid.

jasper 10 months

Hey there, 10 month-old. Fun factoid, Jasper: Did you know that 10 months is heart-stoppingly close to the number 12? As in months? As in A YEAR? You probably did know that, because you’re downright brilliant and advanced and kind of a remarkable all-around individual of the short-ish persuasion. But if I’m being honest with myself (which is usually the first thing to go right out the ol’ window when the topic of my children’s ages n’ stages comes up), {Read More}

Ten Years Ago, Or- Good Thing I’m Persistent.


Ten years ago, I met this guy. It wasn’t the day we started dating or anything momentous like that- just…around the time this person sort of ambled into my life, wielding a headshot and resumé and easily the most earnest smile I’d ever seen. I couldn’t tell you what he was wearing- probably a t-shirt and jeans or corduroy pants with ducks on them- but the smile and the fact that it fully reached his eyes has been written on {Read More}

RoundUp: Halloween Fun, A Made-Up Word & I’m In Print!


Oh, this past week. It’s been a week, this week. And yes, I realize that it’s only Wednesday. Stuff I Did While Pretending It Was Already Friday Evening: Remember when I questioned Susannah’s DNA- but only slightly and in joking conversation? Well, I one-upped myself in creepiness and painted her hair and face. NOW it all makes sense. My daughters are already better swimmers than me. And they’re 3 and not-yet 5. I interviewed a kindie rocker superstar and the {Read More}

Swimming Like Champs. Or At Least Better Than Me.


This wraps up the two-fer posts I’ve written on behalf of Goldfish Swim School and their terrific programs for the smallest pollywogs among you. Nora and Susannah swam for free- but all thoughts and opinions and pruney fingers are our own.  *** Well, we did it. The gals completed their first-ever In An Actual Swim Facility lessons…and I’m proud to announce that they’re both champion divers, not to mention serious contenders for the Under-5 freestyle record. Or. They’re competent and {Read More}