My Best Friend Left Me. And I’m Pretending She Didn’t.


I’m a coward, I admit it. One of my best friends in the whole widest world moved away from Chicago over the weekend- and I was glad I wasn’t there. Lemme ‘splain. This friend, one Bethany Hart, has been my Gal Friday (or Gal Wednesday) each and every time I’ve brought a newborn home from the hospital. After the parade of mothers and sisters had returned home, B would show up on Wednesdays at breakfast, staying until P.J. arrived at {Read More}

Get The Behavior You Want…Without Being The Parent You Hate. (A Review, And Way Of Life.)


Disclaimer: I am not being paid to review this book. I am under no obligation to review this book. It just so happens that I love Dr. G as a person and respect the heck out of her as a family physician and all-around incredible advice-giver. Proceed.  Get the Behavior You Want…Without Being the Parent You Hate. Sounds brilliant, right? But, depending on the day, it also sounds the teensiest bit impossible. (Right?) Friends, I am so stoked to have {Read More}

Eight Months Old. Lemme Tell You About My Childhood.


Dear Jasper, Tomorrow you’ll be a whopping eight months old. How the honkin’ what? Yesterday, we returned from our five week East Coast jaunt (of which you were a natural, no surprise there). We spent time in the Berkshires where you learned how to do clutch things like navigate a rotary (from the backseat) and consume copious amounts of (secondhand) ice cream. For the last week of the trip, we fetched your Dad from the airport and headed to Cape {Read More}

How To Be A Better Person With Netflix And The #StreamTeam.


August’s lineup for Netflix is all about kindness. As a #StreamTeam member, I’m thrilled to share what they’re sharing with ME about how to share with your littles…on the theme of sharing. (Success, you guys.)  *** There are a whole lotta things that kids are going to learn- and that we want them to learn- in the new school year, but I’d like to argue that among the most important is how to exist in the world with kindness and awareness. (And maybe {Read More}

The Road Trip In Pictures…Some More.


And here’s Part 2 of the ol’ Pittsfield/Boston wrap-up. In photographs. Because I’m now in Cape Cod. Obviously.