jasper construction

The other day, I was catcalled by a construction worker. I also happened to be holding my 2 year-old son. As my brain swirled with righteous indignation, anger at the classlessness of objectifying a woman in front of her small male child, and the witty retorts that I’d been saving up since the last time I was catcalled on a construction site… My son lost it. Lost it. “Hiiii DIGGERS, hiiii! Mama, see diggers? A crane! A scoop! Dumpppppppp TRUCK!” {Read More}

An interview with two experienced Pearachuters.

keely kids beach

Disclosure: As a Pearachute Ambassador, it’s my business to tell you all about the classes, activities, sports, and play times in the greater Chicagoland area. (And business is GOOD.) Although I’m being compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and children with sand in their ears(?!) are entirely my own. ***FYI, stay with me ’til the bottom for new locales and crazy-new prices!*** *** Sure, you’ve all heard me go on (and on and on) about how great Pearachute is as a flexible {Read More}

Building grey matter with the #StreamTeam.

Jasper science bottle

Disclosure: As a member of Netflix’s Stream Team, it’s my media-happy pleasure to share the best of the streaming (and curated) best each month. Even though I’m compensated for my posts, all thoughts, opinions, and loud children are entirely my own. *** Netflix makes kids smarter. No, really. Sure, there are the zombie-inducing, brain-breaking shows (you know, like some of the ones we grew up with?) but it always feel so good for my brain (and conscience) when my offspring {Read More}

I convinced my son to break his pacifier (and other therapy stories).

jasper paci

I’m a horrible mother. I super duper mean it this time. Lemme ‘splain: Jasper needed to kick his pacifier habit. (No, that’s not the reason I’m a horrid parent- will you hang on a second, judgy?) He’s two and a half, already operates at a slight deficit in the whole speechly department, and I think we can all agree that a partially ripped, grubby pink pacifier doesn’t exactly scream “Christmas card photo,” right? It was time to kick the paci. {Read More}

Giveaway! $70 Rodan + Fields summer essentials!


Guys, this is a good one. Recently, I’ve been working with my friend Jacqueline to promote her fabulous Rodan + Fields biz– and she really knows her stuff. (Plus, she’s flawless. Which is a) totally unfair at preschool pickup and b) totally how you’d want your R+F consultant to look, amiright?) And hey, Chicago, you know how it’s a gazillion degrees and sticky right here on the surface of the sun (which, again, we wouldn’t change because= winter is about {Read More}

Yes #blacklivesmatter. No more #thoughtsandprayers.

Just FYI: I had planned on posting a picture of Nora’s new turquoise hair because= summer and fun and life, you know? (And I still might, because it’s downright incredible.) And while her hair and her face and the life I enjoy with these tiny people buoys me up even in the darkest of feelings, my heart hurts today for the horrific, unfathomable killing of Black folks at the hands of police. It’s not new, although some are way-too recent, but it {Read More}

Summertime haikus.


Out of bread by noon Why do kids need to eat lunch It’s called “tapas,” guys. * Oh, working from home Togetherness redefined Please get off my ribs. * Sweet God, so much pee What are you aiming at, child? Potty training hurts. * * Let’s just lay out back. You smell like sunscreen, kiddo. That’s a great cloud shape. * That’s not an outfit Fine, it’ll do for today Jammies forever! * Is that what we do? You need {Read More}

2 to try: Mexican food edition.

keely margarita

Here’s a big ol’ fact: I’m crazy about Mexican food. Like, I can be bought for some queso. During each pregnancy, I was convinced that my emerging children would be comprised entirely of tamale. Another factoid: My family lives in a largely Mexican neighborhood. The food is ridic. So amazing, mind you, that we rarely stray for spicier pastures. Third truth: In the past month alone, I’ve been invited to bring the fam to two establishments outside of the Albany/Irving {Read More}