Go Home. (Friday Blog Edition.)

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Please forgive the day late/dollar short/donut-heavy blog post. Yesterday was a travel day for me, but now I’m hanging out with the coolest guitarist around. No, not Clapton. The other one. So here are three pix from my Thursday- which pretty much sum it up pretty nicely: A lint ball/cat hair amalgamation I found while packing that’s equal parts gross and heartwarming. Nora answered some questions, AKA I Gave Birth To Myself. Hey there, East Coast. (Let’s all just go {Read More}

Jasper’s First Haircut And I Didn’t Even Yarf.

jasper haircut6

I have a thing about my youngest child- perhaps you’ve noticed. Not to be all Ma Bates over here, but my baby is my baby and a boy’s best friend is his mother. Digression. But even I’ll be among the first to admit that the kid needed a trim. His bangs went from Bieber-esque to Beatlesmania to “I bet your daughter’s really pretty under that waterfall of hair.” Even my Dad, the permissive rockstar that he is, casually mentioned that {Read More}

The Perfect Partnership, Or- Outsmarting Your Wife.

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Last Sunday, I was in a mood. A mood. I was feeling unproductive, irritable, and ready to crawl out of my own skin. P.J. took one look at me and casually remarked, “You should go organize the bookshelves.” I almost threw a plate at his head. Of all the sexist, demeaning, trivializing things to say, he’s telling me to go do prettifying busywork? In not so many words, I informed him that he had made a grave error in judgement. {Read More}

Time Travel And No Take-Backs.


So, last night P.J. and I decided to watch a movie while folding Mount St. Laundry and eating the copious amount of candy he had procured by running down our alley to Walgreens- because a) we live entirely too close to easily runnable locales and b) I will forever and ever Amen be married to a teenaged boy. I’m a hard sell on most movies; in fact, I have a tough time committing to anything with a run time of {Read More}

Hearts & Flowers & Glue-Covered Mice.

kids valentine's day

Usually around this time of year I’m all hearts n’ flowers n’ red cellophane. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still oh-so Valentinetastic, just maybe a little less vocal about it this February. Heavy hearts and lacy hearts look weird together. That said, I did make 34 Hershey kiss mice for the girls’ class Valentines. Considering that a) 34 IS A LARGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE TO GLUE THINGS FOR and b) I’m beyond terrified of rodents, I have to assume that {Read More}