Things you probably don’t know about me: Summer ’15 edition.


Things you may not know about me at this moment in time: I watch Daredevil, the Netflix series. (And no, this is not a sponsored post. Since I work with Netflix, I just find myself suuuuper aware of their programming and it becomes my go-to for unwinding in short bursts. Another thing you might not know about me: I believe it’s possible to “unwind” in “short bursts.” That right there might speak more about my psyche than anything else on {Read More}

Just the bullet points, folks.


This week has been mentally, physically, psychologically, and culinarily exhausting. (Okay, I just threw that last one in there for fun. Our food situation has been just fine.) But here are the highlights: The girls have attended half-day vacation bible school with a bunch of their friends this week; even though we really haven’t been going to church a ton lately, Nora and Suzy certainly know enough to hold their own in a super-chill camp environment of the spiritual variety…but {Read More}

Win a week at Camp Bubbles, Chicagoland!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Bubbles Academy. Even though I’ve been compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and euphoric children are entirely my own. *** Chicago parents of teensy Littles: I know you know Bubbles Academy (that 14k square foot marvel located in Chi’s Near North ‘hood). I’ve been taking kids there since before I was married. That’s right, I’ve had a longer relationship with them than with P.J. I’ve long extolled their clean, safe, happier-than-happy play spaces and {Read More}

First Father’s Day without him, a.k.a. Hiding out in the records.


Possessions are not people. They do not have the power to physically, truly, replace a person nor bring him back nor make things good again. And keeping every object that someone you loved once loved is not a sustainable, good, or fair practice for any party involved. I know this. I’ve told myself this. I remind myself that I know that I told myself this. That said, I own a goodly portion of my Dad’s record collection. Like, hundreds. And {Read More}

A Year and a Half. Totally Cool.


Dear Jasper, 18 months tomorrow. A year and then half a year. You are my last baby to be quantified in monthly terms. 6 months, 9 months, 14.5 months- obnoxious terminology for the parents who just cannot bear the idea of rounding up. “Almost 1.” “Almost 2.” “Almost leaving for college across the country to study ornithology which, really, is just a fancy name for birdwatching and can’t you do that here at home, Jasper?!” Stuff like that. And I’m {Read More}