The craziest thing I’ve ever seen in the sky. (A Dad story.)

Let me tell you about this dream I had. Only, it one thousand percent wasn’t a dream and I one trillion percent know that I was wide-awake the whole time. With me? It’s weird. So. The day of my Dad’s birthday- what would’ve been his 65th birthday- we celebrated with his favorite meal from the Colombian chicken place down the street. (That’s a joke- they were all his favorite meal.) We sang the Beatles and Springsteen and- even though it {Read More}

Bouncing around town with Pearachute (and a new discount code)!

suzy jiu-jitsu

Disclosure: As a Pearachute ambassador I receive- among other things- comped classes, but all thoughts, opinions, and beautifully tired children are entirely my own. (Make sure to scroll to the bottom for a crazy-awesome discount code!) *** I’ll admit it: between Easter travels and Spring Break non-travels, I haven’t been the greatest Pearachute sharer in the world. That changes now. I joked to Erica, V.P. of membership, that our Pearachute account is the 6th family member. (You know, the one {Read More}

Spring break (has changed)!

cousin dinnertime

Quick post from the trenches of Spring Break Cousin-Land! For those just joining us, I ask you a question: What happens when two Flynn girls bring their 7 kids (ages 2, almost-3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and almost-10) together in a Chicago house (hypothetically mine) for a week of high-pitched giggling? This: And various children sleeping in various sprawled sleeping arrangements, long, mandatory marches across play lots and parks, and meal times that are more reminiscent of trough feedings than {Read More}

Suzy joins forces with Princess Awesome- and looks rad doing so.

Suzy Princess Awesome

Disclosure: This is a sponsored review by the superb clothing company Princess Awesome, but all thoughts, opinions, and ecstatic daughters are entirely my own. *** Let me let you in on a little secret: I absolutely adore brands which promote strong, brilliant, givin’ not a care for gender norms kiddos. And when they happen to make gorgeous clothing, it’s even better. (And no, those two things are not at odds.) I absolutely adore Princess Awesome. Did you think I invented {Read More}

Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday, Joe Manganiello & an interactive map.


As a Stream Team member, I usually blog about the best of Netflix’s streaming best…but THIS month I get to give an insider’s look at the Netflix Original movie Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday. They also gave me a map! I’m drunk on power. Follow along! (But hands off my root beer barrels and my Joe Manganiello.) *** If you grew up thinking Pee-Wee’s playhouse, contraptions, and speech patterns were the height of comedy… ..then you probably didn’t grow up at all. {Read More}

The day I lost to steam cleaning.


Yesterday, I used a steam cleaner for the first time. I realize I’m stating this like an AA introduction. While it’s nowhere near as destructive as an actual, physical addiction, I’m not entirely certain that the usage of said steam cleaner didn’t send me down the path of Bad Choices. Oh, it started out innocently enough… I secured the grout attachment (bringing the tally of times I’d even considered doing anything “grout-related” up to, oh, about one) and took a {Read More}

Hidden Garden wants to mail you delightful cookies.

hidden garden cookies1

Disclosure: This a product review for Hidden Garden Foods and I was compensated with deliciousness, but all thoughts, opinions, and ginger snap crumbs are entirely my own. *** Cookies. COOKIES. Who wants cookies?! (I swear to goodness, sometimes my job is stupidly easy.) When the good people at Hidden Garden reached out to me and asked if they could send me some cookies to try, I immediately said yes. When they informed me that the gluten-free, nut-free, all natural cookies {Read More}

Multiples Illuminated is a compelling read for all parents.

Multiples Illuminated Book Cover

Let me preface this by saying that I do not- nor do I plan to- have twins or triplets (or- sweet Lord- more). I am not pregnant. In fact, I have the distinct privilege of coming at the review of Multiples Illuminated (as the mother of three solo passengers) with a giddy air of wow, that is CRAZY/awesome. Besides, when folks you respect and dig put together an anthology, it’s hard to not want to immediately help pimp it out to {Read More}