Back When I Saw Boston In Concert…


Almost exactly six years ago today, I saw the band Boston in concert for the very first time. (…Roughly 30 years after everyone else in the world did.) And it was nerdtacularly, life-changingly, euphorically perfect. 2008 was a really, really great summer, you guys. *** Seeing Boston in concert was truly a religious experience. Sure, I’m a Catholic and I go to mass and all that…but I can also worship at the (tasteful) altar of Tom Scholz. It was incredible.Not {Read More}

Seven Months Old. My Apologies, Kid.


Jasper, Last Saturday you turned seven months old. And in the days following that time, I’ve wracked my brains trying to think of what could best describe this phase of your simply marvelous existence. And I’ve found it. You, my pal, are the thirdest child ever to be born third. The scene: Nora’s playing dress up and instructing Susannah how to grab something from that high-up shelf (convenient, since she’s already hanging upside down in the vicinity of it). And {Read More}

Back When I Was Easily My Parents’ Favorite…


Today’s Throwback Monday is a tad different- it’s only jumping back to February of ’13 (based on a post from 2 years prior to that), but it’s inspired by the events of last Saturday night. My Dad played a show. (And it was awesome. But that part isn’t even newsworthy anymore, since he is consistently and forevermore awesome.) During the second set, however, while the packed crowd was jamming and spinning and flinging drinks into the air, my Dad played a {Read More}

Summering As A Verb.


East Coast Travels, Volume One: In a nutshell, we’ve got cousins, concerts, old friends, new pals, flappin’ about in a pool, and loving on Mim and Pop. That’s a pretty big nutshell. See you next week, friends. You won’t be able to miss me. I’ll be the one weighing roughly a thousand pounds from all of this incredible food… …and face-planting into the pool because of all of these incredible (and incredibly energetic) children.

Back When I Chuckled At The Misfortune Of Others…

Throwback Monday! Lest you think that my habit of mocking mass-produced picture frames was a one time thing, rest assured. I’ve got a million of these. Also, I apparently could put together a coffee table book with the number of tales concerning sprinkler incidents in my twenties. *** I Scent A Trilogy (originally posted July 10th, 2008) Speaking of viciously earnest and poorly realized frames (and we were), this may be my new favorite. For now. As you can see (kinda), the photograph is {Read More}