Jasper, Chicago Tourist.


While his sisters attended camp during the morning hours this week, Jasper was subjected to my undivided attention. Which- on paper- he loves. But- also like paper- once he has it, he really, really doesn’t want it so much anymore. Let’s review. Monday 9 a.m. The girls are at camp! 9:02 a.m. Whiplash from twisting around in car seat to find nonexistent, minivan-hiding sisters. 9:37 a.m. Check-in at Children’s Memorial Hospital for a mouth-related, pre-op consult. 9:38 a.m. FIND THE {Read More}

Things you probably don’t know about me: Summer ’15 edition.


Things you may not know about me at this moment in time: I watch Daredevil, the Netflix series. (And no, this is not a sponsored post. Since I work with Netflix, I just find myself suuuuper aware of their programming and it becomes my go-to for unwinding in short bursts. Another thing you might not know about me: I believe it’s possible to “unwind” in “short bursts.” That right there might speak more about my psyche than anything else on {Read More}

Just the bullet points, folks.


This week has been mentally, physically, psychologically, and culinarily exhausting. (Okay, I just threw that last one in there for fun. Our food situation has been just fine.) But here are the highlights: The girls have attended half-day vacation bible school with a bunch of their friends this week; even though we really haven’t been going to church a ton lately, Nora and Suzy certainly know enough to hold their own in a super-chill camp environment of the spiritual variety…but {Read More}

Win a week at Camp Bubbles, Chicagoland!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Bubbles Academy. Even though I’ve been compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and euphoric children are entirely my own. *** Chicago parents of teensy Littles: I know you know Bubbles Academy (that 14k square foot marvel located in Chi’s Near North ‘hood). I’ve been taking kids there since before I was married. That’s right, I’ve had a longer relationship with them than with P.J. I’ve long extolled their clean, safe, happier-than-happy play spaces and {Read More}

First Father’s Day without him, a.k.a. Hiding out in the records.


Possessions are not people. They do not have the power to physically, truly, replace a person nor bring him back nor make things good again. And keeping every object that someone you loved once loved is not a sustainable, good, or fair practice for any party involved. I know this. I’ve told myself this. I remind myself that I know that I told myself this. That said, I own a goodly portion of my Dad’s record collection. Like, hundreds. And {Read More}