Netflix & why you should be watching the newest “Degrassi”


You know Degrassi. I know you know Degrassi. Either you- or your babysitter- watched those independent Kids of Degrassi Street from ’79 to ’86. This was followed up by the groundbreaking series Degrassi Junior High which, from 1987 to 1989, followed a fictitious Canadian school and the all-too-real issues of its student body. Teenage pregnancy? Racism? Divorce? Nothing was off-limits- to the shock of the teenaged viewing audience and occasional dismay of their viewing parents. After junior high, logically, comes {Read More}

My nighttime brain in list form.


Maybe you guys have seen the Reddit/Imgur/HuffPo piece about the Mom’s cartoon rendering of the contents of her brain. It struck a chord with a lot of people- and for good reason. Most women have a gazillion things on their minds at any given time, and if you add the “Mom” layer, it’s an especially confusing and special jumble of thoughts. So to that end, I wrote out roughly a quarter of the phrases that worked their way through my {Read More}

Better, faster (and free!) rides with Via.


Popping in mid-week to offer you free gettin’ around town money. (Got your attention now, Chicago, amiright?) I recently discovered Via, a premier ride-sharing app, that most people in the know knew about eons ago. (Listen, all of those Daniel Tiger songs take up some of my brain’s fairly crucial processing sectors.) Here’s what you need to know: Ridesharing is that elusive unicorn of a bridge between public transit and footing the bill for a cab. The Via app is {Read More}

TCA 2016 highlights, Netflix greatness, and a Fuller House selfie.


Even though I’m devoted to Netflix foreverandeveramen as a member of their Stream Team- and this was a Netflix-sponsored trip- all thoughts, opinions, and fangirling moments are entirely my own. *** Not gonna lie, 2016 started off with a bang. More specifically, it started off with Netflix sending me to California to attend the TCA (Television Critics Association) conference for what I’m terming Netflix’s Day of Incredible Programming and My Subsequent Gushing, Seriously, This Is My Job Today? I love you, {Read More}

Terribly terrible twos.


Jasper got the memo. You know, the Terrible Two’s memo? I always thought that was a joke, an urban legend designed to encourage new parents to cuddle their babies tighter/inspire parents to think sending their kids off to school wouldn’t be all that bad. A handful? Sure! But really, what age isn’t a handful? Susannah hit the “terrible twos” at about 14 months, but hers was characterized by a marked desire to DOITMYSELF. (Which…is still going on, now that I {Read More}