Friendsgiving With The #StreamTeam (And Wayne And Garth).

pj reads to kids

Happy almost-holiday season from Netflix and the #StreamTeam! Each month I get to share wonderfully curated shows and movies tailored for each member of the family. This month’s theme is how great it is to have friends. Which is pretty great. *** Friendsgiving, you guys. It’s a thing. And sure, lately my “friends” with whom I “give” have been extremely short and lacking certain table manners. But seeing as the gals are starting to navigate the ins and outs of {Read More}

Taking Our Show On The Road (And Highway).

Nora Suzy nap

We had a road trip this weekend. Or rather, the road trip had us. In numbers: 17- the hours of drive time 1- the hourly span between each of the first three rest stops 49- grade, out of 100, that we rated the West Virgina Hampton Inn where we spent one overnight 45- minutes spent looking for the crib said Hampton Inn promised would be in our room (2- times we checked on the availability of the crib prior to {Read More}

Jasper Is 11 Months. Oh, My Neglected Third.

jasper 11 months2

Dear Jasper, Happy 11 months, pal. I’ve mentioned this before, but you’re pretty much the only one around here I don’t worry about. (And yes, I’m including that Dad of yours. That guy…) It’s funny, right? The smallest, least mobile (for now), and most requiring of my physical presence is the one whom I fret about the least. (…For now.) You’re the one who’s tried all the foods way ahead of suggested timelines, and the one who completely skipped over the {Read More}

The Princess & The Pea & Dialogue My Kids Can’t Stop Saying.

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You’re gonna want to step lively for this one: Chicago Kids Company’s The Princess & The Pea at The Beverly Arts Center (a gorgeous venue, by the by), is a throwback to vaudevillian song n’ dance theatre. With more patter, hilarious asides, and slapstick than you can ding a rimshot at, this show is enthralling for the 2-12 set (and just as much fun for their accompanying grownups). Princess Penelope wanders into the castle of a possessive Queen of a Mama {Read More}

A RoundUp & A Ballet Giveaway!


Happy Wednesday! It’s freezing cold (though not as freezing cold as yesterday), and it’s about to be the holidays (though not as holidayesque as it’s gonna be a month from now). So let’s celebrate with a giveaway, yes? But first… A Random Assortment Of Things I Wrote Super Recently: My column at 101.9FM The MIX this month is all about my eating habits. AND HOW INCREDIBLE THEY ARE. Being as I’ve been married for all of five seconds, here’s all {Read More}