When I was a little kid, my Dad used to take us sledding at The Pit. A questionably safe, still in use/long out of use gravel pit where gigantic trucks would dig up clay for some unknown, terribly mysterious and ghost-story-romantic reason. (At least in the head of a seven year-old.) I was a pretty short person- especially back then- but I don’t think I’m exaggerating in the slightest when I say that the clay hills comprising The Pit were {Read More}

Let’s Go Exploring: Paper Storage Edition.

photo 1-2

One of the best parts about helping to sort/organize/preserve at your childhood home is the sheer amazingness that you find (and subsequently scan). Behold: It’s the little things. Unless you’re talking about a certain blue felt fedora which one of us received for Christmas ’93. Then it’s the big things.

15 Months IS TOO A Milestone.


Today is my youngest kid’s 15 month-day. Which is totally a thing. Because- again- he’s my youngest kid. I love this little man and his braced stance, cautious smile, and general demeanor that’s pretty much summed up as “pleasantly surprised.” No one’s knocking me to the ground in a bear-hug attack! I am pleasantly surprised! Lunch was served to me at a decent lunch-ish hour (while others were actually eating, too)! I am pleasantly surprised! Daytime eye contact?! I AM {Read More}

St. Patrick’s Week, AKA Recovery Monday.


Happy Monday-after-the-Saturday-before-St.-Patrick’s-Day, you guys! The Saturday in question of which I did not celebrate. You know why? Because even though my name is Flynn and even though I live in a Celt-happy town, this weekend shindig has devolved into an embarrassingly excessive Rage Fest which has very little to do with a) saints, b) Ireland, and c) anything other than copious amounts of green beer and Mardi Gras(?!) beads. For the record, drunken driving and the vomiting off of bridges {Read More}

Netflix And The Art Of Not Ignoring My Kids.


So, most of you know by now that I’m a proud member of the Netflix Stream Team, and dig sharing the best of the curated best each month. It’s true. But I also dig going my own way now and again, and circling back to rave about a flick or two that’s caught my family’s eye (and WiiMote). Here’s one. *** There are so many good shows streaming on Netflix right now. SO MANY. For grownups, they include the wonderfully {Read More}