KaBOOM! Go Out And Play Essentials Pack (AKA Suzy Has Skills).


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Imagine Toys for the KaBOOM! Go Out and Play essentials pack, something that I think you’d want even if I weren’t being compensated. Which I am. *** Oh, pals, I kinda love telling everyone about fun and spectacular things that just EXIST in the world. Today’s little bit of fun n’ spectacular is the KaBOOM! Go Out and Play essentials pack. Some stuff you need to know: Kids’ unstructured playtime has diminished {Read More}

Superheroines At 20% Theatre Chicago’s Snapshots Festival!


Pals, I have a show opening tonight and I’m super thrilled about it. And yes, I agree that there has been a lot of self-promotion around these parts lately…but I hope you’ll forgive the need for a little personal acknowledgement that requires neither a She Wore THAT?! list nor a selfie featuring a Popeye arm and at least one angled nostril. Yes? We’re cool for the moment? I thank you. SO. Before I get into the specifics of this play {Read More}

A Giveaway For Expecting: A Year of Fixing Up And Breaking Down. Now In Nook Form, Too!


So, pretty sure by now you know I wrote a book called Expecting: A Year of Fixing Up and Breaking Down. (Hey, did you hear I wrote a book? I totally wrote a book.) But this is not idle braggery. (That’s another post.) No, today I get to give away a copy of aforementioned book to celebrate Expecting’s arrival on the scene as a Nook book at Barnes & Noble! Isn’t that wicked? Now everyone I’ve met over the summer/friends {Read More}

Why Parenting Is The Least Rational Job Ever.

nora bike

Today Nora rode a bike. It wasn’t without training wheels and it wasn’t even the first time she had done so…but this time I really looked and saw and got it. In two short months she’ll be five years old. And in that short/long time, she’s figured out how to hold a spoon. Stand upright and move forward. Use a potty. Comb her hair. Clear a table. Talk like a semi-normal person on the phone. And- apparently- work the mechanics of {Read More}

My Best Friend Left Me. And I’m Pretending She Didn’t.


I’m a coward, I admit it. One of my best friends in the whole widest world moved away from Chicago over the weekend- and I was glad I wasn’t there. Lemme ‘splain. This friend, one Bethany Hart, has been my Gal Friday (or Gal Wednesday) each and every time I’ve brought a newborn home from the hospital. After the parade of mothers and sisters had returned home, B would show up on Wednesdays at breakfast, staying until P.J. arrived at {Read More}