Peace out, post-roadtrip edition.

schoeny slush puppies

Good news: We made it out East, safe n’ sound. (Were you holding your breath? I hope not, because we traveled on Friday. Ouch.) Long story short (as Nora has recently/bizarrely begun to say), the 15 hour drive actually went pretty smoothly. This was thanks to my big sis’ New England efficiency, my love of driving to oddball NPR podcasts, my kids’  ability to sit in one seat (kinda) for the entirety of their waking hours and a portion of {Read More}

East Coast drive, part eleventy-billion.


So how does one follow up a Monday post of E.R. announcements? With the information that I’ll be hitting the road- with all three kids- to drive out East again. Tomorrow. (Yes. I know. Whatever you’re thinking- I agree.) P.J. is staying behind for the first part of the trip and is meeting up with us for the beachy jaunt. (Because he’s a very, very good planner.) But I have a secret weapon- never fear. My sister Kate. She’s flying {Read More}

Saturday night date: E.R. edition.

Keely post-E.R.

I had this great post all plotted out- it was going to be whimsical and hilarious, detailing how my family experienced an elusive unicorn of a weekend, with no actual plans. Which is pretty much the bloggy equivalent of saying how lucky you are, how nothing bad ever happens to you. On Saturday morning, Nora had a tooth situation. More on that later. Because an hour after Nora’s tooth situation was resolved, I began to get shooting pains in my {Read More}

The WayBack Machine: July 2009.

Because it’s the 6th anniversary of my house-buyin’, I thought I’d thrill you all with what- exactly- was going down 6 years ago this July. A first-time and almost third trimester hot mess, a three story and falling-down homestead, and two recently married kids just stupid enough to think it was all magical. Enjoy. *** Anyone have a Tums? july 9, 2009 So, in roughly the amount of time it took to BUILD a new (and smallish) house, we managed {Read More}

Adventuring like dragons with the #StreamTeam.

how to train your dragon masks

As part of Netflix’s #StreamTeam, I get to promote the best of the curated best each month. Even though compensation is generally involved, all thoughts, opinions, and glittery children are entirely my own. (Sigh.)  *** Summer is the season for adventuring. Back (waaaay back) when I was a little kid, those adventures took the form of hacking my way through wooded areas next to my house (to make rooms for my “house”) and thumbtacking sheets to my ceiling in order {Read More}