Today I: …Took three kids to get “back to school” haircuts. (Even if the youngest’s “school” is only School of Hard Knocks/School of Disrupted Naptimes.) …Packed a picnic lunch to eat at the splash pad for one last splashy summer. (The fact that the park was 2 blocks away from the haircut joint and the spraying water ensured I wouldn’t have to hose them down myself post-lunch shouldn’t count against me in the least.) …Wrote one email. While holding a {Read More}

Parenting fail: Park outing edition.


Sometimes you’ve just gotta pick up what the universe is laying down, you know? And sometimes it takes a blinking neon sign to the face to get me to realize that I’m being a little, well, crazy. Case in point: The other morning I woke up and thought, “Jeez, there’s a week and a half left of summer vacation. I really need to finish the items on the bucket list I promised everyone we would not be keeping this summer.” {Read More}

Skill sets.


Lots of folks are posting (downright adorable) photos of their kiddos’ First Day of School pix. As we don’t start until September 8th and FOURTEENTH, respectively, I am not those people. Due to those samesuch constraints, my work output this past week/weekend has been- ah- lacking. Let’s go with lacking. But lest you think my cluttery weekend didn’t allow for self-reflection, I tell you NAY. Here are two things I said aloud in the past 48 hours: 1) I’ve decided that, {Read More}

Jasper went under the knife (no, Mom, I will NOT stop calling it that).

I call this "Numbed and pacified." (Also- they tucked him in post-op with his loveys. I mean HONESTLY.)

Allow me a moment of self-confidence, if you will: I’m good at a lot of things. A lot. I’m a speed reader. People like my cooking. And for esoteric classic rock trivia? None better. That said, put me in a hospital scenario and I’m a tweaky, abysmal basket case. The antiseptic scent makes my head spin and my skin crawl. The sight of needles makes me babble. The idea of needles and general anesthetic and I.V.s makes me a truly {Read More}

Reading across that rainbow with the #StreamTeam.

Reading Rainbow

Disclaimer: As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I happily dish on the best of the curated best each month. And usually it’s a mash-up of multiple shows and movies. But not this month. Because August is dedicated to one show and one show only. Read on. (And while I’m compensated for these posts in one way or another, all thoughts, opinions, and off-key theme songs are entirely my own.)  I’m sure you’ve got a bunch of great, end o’ {Read More}