Yanking out the teeth. (A love story.)

Nora loose tooth

I remember my Dad yanking out my teeth. That sounds horrible in the re-telling, doesn’t it? He didn’t whip out the pliers or anything but, after two hours of hearing me hem n’ haw about how loose my tooth was or how gross it was feeling, he’d nod in my direction and ask to have a look. By the time I’d opened my mouth to reply, he’d reached in, twisted the (impossibly tiny) sucker, and thwacked it into the palm {Read More}

2 to try: Your New Fave Foods edition.


So, sometimes companies send me products and I like them. Sometimes they send me products and I need to take an immediate nap to forget the aforementioned products even exist in this version of the universe. (I don’t get a nap, but I definitely need one.) And sometimes they send me products so terrifically marvelous that they become my new favorites and, instead of further compensation, I inform the companies that I’ll just go ahead and write about them for {Read More}

Hiding it from the kids with the #StreamTeam.

The Netflix Sneak

As a member of Netflix’s #StreamTeam, it’s my distinct honor (and extreme bragging right) to bring the streamiest streaming shows to your attention. This month, they wanna know your dirty little secret… We’ve all done it. In places you wouldn’t expect, too. Like the bathroom. The bedroom closet of our children. And at least one time in a play tent while pretending to nap. And Netflix wants to hear all about it. So to you, darling reader, I pose this {Read More}

Sitting vigil on the internet.


I had a whole post ready to go for today. About senseless violence and targeted minorities and lax gun measures and horrific election reactions and about one sweet baby boy and his immeasurably grieving parents. And I couldn’t finish it. More often than not it feels like I’m sitting vigil with my ever-refreshing news feeds; click, scroll, cry, panic, rinse, repeat. Plus, let’s be honest. Absolutely no one in the world needs my feelings (in 800 word diatribe form) about senseless {Read More}

2 Tix for American Theater Company’s crazy-cool “Xanadu”


Oh, I love it when this happens. Remember when I saw and reviewed American Theater Company’s Xanadu for Chicago Parent Mag (and loved the bejeebus out of it)? Well, because of aforementioned love, I now get to give away two tickets to you, my partners in all things 80s and shimmery and roller skater-y! This show is great. This show is great. It’s fun and it’s silly and it’s got a killer soundtrack and it’s got a cast that spins {Read More}

Birthdays and time travel.

dad keely singing

So, this past Monday was my birthday. (And yes, we’re still talking about it, thankyouverymuch.) It was…perfect. It really was. Quiet. Fun. And wonderful, in the way that spending time with the people who appreciate you (even if they don’t mention it while you’re cutting their pb&js into geometrically exact triangles) is wonderful. Oof, 36 year-old Keely would be basically unrecognizable to 26 year-old Keely. (“So…you didn’t dance on any bars? Like, not even a smallish one?”) I was glad {Read More}

Jinja’s House from Sago Mini (is the cutest thing ever).

Suzy Sago Mini Jinja's House

Disclosure: Although I was compensated by Sago Mini for my review of the new Jinja’s House play set, all thoughts, opinions, and ridiculously tiny coffee mugs are entirely my own.  *** Popping in mid-week to tell you about the unicorn of a toy that all three of my children play with: And it’s this charming li’l playhouse from Sago Mini. You all know my deep and abiding love for all things Sago Mini, from their STEM-happy apps for toddlers and {Read More}

D.I.Y. urban clubhouse/reading nook/eye injury. (Part 1.)


“I used to have a great clubhouse/tree fort/Terabithia-like bit o’ wilderness in which to play as a youth,” you reminisce. “But then I moved to a city and had kids. And those kids dig in playlot wood chips and a part of my soul dies a tad,” you admit. What to do?! Oh guys, it’s so simple. As long as you’re: a) delusional b) in possession of a side alley/renting from a super understanding landlord c) up to date on {Read More}