Five. One Whole Hand.

nora jane 5th birthday

My darling Nora Jane, Happy birthday. Happy fifth birthday. I remember the night before you were born, how excited and scared I was for the whatever the heck was about to happen to just HAPPEN. I remember sitting on the operating room, awaiting a spinal, and feeling so positively terrified at my imminent c-section and parenthood and whose ridiculous idea was this, anyhow, and NO, I DID NOT THINK I WAS FEELING THIS SO MUCH ANYMORE, I was going to {Read More}

RoundUp: A 5th Birthday, Way Too Much Theatre & A Roasted Pig.

nora halloween costume

The biggest news of the day: my firstborn kid, Miss Nora Jane, IS NOW FIVE YEARS OF AGE. Making me…a little over 29. (And don’t worry, she’ll get her own dedicated post tomorrow. I know the rules of how things work ’round here.) Everything else kinda pales into comparison to that time my kid was suddenly in the world, but if I must… Stuff That I Did That Wasn’t As Great As Giving Birth For The First Time Ever: P.J. {Read More}

There’s This Guy.

peej birthday

Thirty-three years ago on this very day, a pretty spectacular guy was born. And I was lucky enough to stumble into his path roughly 23 years later. And I haven’t stopped falling for him since. Because with every option open to him on this day, he chooses to make gargantuan Play Doh creations with his daughters. Let his baby boy crawl all over him. Return books to the library, run errands necessary to the household, and maybe- just maybe- watch {Read More}

That Time I Gouged Out My Eye: A Wedding Story.


Last weekend, I had a simply awesome time helping my youngest sister pick out a gorgeous wedding dress with friends, my other two sisters, and my Mom. But this post is not about that. Jasper took his very first flight as well, and was a model citizen of the sky. This post is not about that, either. I extended my trip for some much-needed chill time with my Dad and Mom; the former because he needed a high-five from me {Read More}

Skelebration At Redmoon! The Last Weekend!

fish and suzy

Friends, over the weekend Skelebration was skelebrated by my children. (Remember way back to last week when I talked about touring the facility? Which sounds way more important that it ought?) This magical, seasonal, and otherworldly playground is a choose-your-own adventure of the spookiest kind- inside a theatre company’s lofty (and tricked out!) warehouse. And seriously. The theatrical explosion that is Redmoon has done it again. How they’ve managed to reinvent something which blew the minds straight outta the skulls {Read More}