Dear Dad.

dave keely

Hi there Pop/Dave- can I call you Dave? Still no? Fine/Dad… I know you’re tired. I know you’re frustrated and depressed about fighting such an unfair uphill battle. And I know how much you’re hating it that I’m blogging about something a father and his kid should never have to discuss, especially not on the interwebs, but there you have it. I don’t make the rules. I mean, I made this one, but other than that? No power. Because if {Read More}

Netflix In September: Throwing In The Blanket.


As a member of Netflix’s #StreamTeam, I’m the lucky bearer of awesome, newly curated Netflix content which, I’m pretty sure, will make you (and your eyes) as happy as it’s made me (and my eyes). This month’s theme is bringing back Friday as a family movie night. Whaaaat? LOVE. *** If you’re like me- and I know for a fact that you are- then you’ve got a bajillion things to do, never enough time to complete it all, and a {Read More}

Maudlin Monday?

orchard girls

Here’s the thing. Even when life is pretty rotten (and it so often is), it’s also incredibly wonderful (and so often is). This past weekend, my dear friend Alison (of Writing, Wishing) had her twins about six weeks early. They’re in the NICU but doing well, and for that I’m wildly grateful. Also this past weekend? P.J. and I took our kids apple picking. Now I ask you- even when life is at its toughest, how truly bad can things {Read More}

Susannah’s First Day. An Apology.

suzy first day lolly

The other morning- Tuesday, to be exact- Susannah started preschool. Now, as you’ll recall from the gazillion and twenty posts I wrote (and read) leading up to Nora’s first day of preschool back in 2012- I think preschool’s a really big deal (for the parents). Itty bitty Nora and I had chosen multiple outfits and talked her imminent daily routine to death before her first TWO AND A HALF HOURS away from me (for the very first time, ever). You {Read More}

RoundUp: Columns & Festivals & I’m On Stage!


September is scooting right along! And I’ve had to pee since August! Here’s some stuff I wrote when I wasn’t shuttling my children around like a one-woman Greyhound bus: I am an autumnal failure. Here’s why, via my 101.9FM Moms in the Mix column. Over at Chicago Parent, I wrote the most important thing for my kid to read ever, ever. (Until she hits another milestone and I subsequently fall apart even more.) Did you happen to see the project {Read More}