That’s Why I Married You.


Hey P.J., Happy anniversary! Almost. We’re almost at 7 years- and I know how much you love your little mathly technicalities- so I’ll wait until this Sunday to say this to your face. (This is a big concession, which I know you know, being as I dig celebrating my birthday from May 6th until July 6th. Birthday “month” really only depends on when you start and when you end, right? Don’t answer that.) Another thing I know we both know {Read More}

Dating My Five Year-Old.


Here’s the truth. I wasn’t feeling so marvelous this weekend, emotionally speaking, but I feel entirely 1000% like not talking about that right now. So I will tell you about the absolute high point of the past few days: having a date with my biggest kid.  Let’s back up. For Mother’s Day, I had received some pretty spiffy gift cards from my two oldest girls (and I use “oldest” as a relative term, as they’re 3 and 5). More truth time: my {Read More}

Keepin’ It In The Family With Netflix & The #Stream Team.


Disclosure: I love Netflix. As a member of their Stream Team, I get to watch copious amounts of media for fun- er, work. Even though I’m compensated, each and every recommendation has been vetted by- let’s be honest- my children. This month’s #streamteam theme is family. Aww… *** Family- as I’ve suspected for a long time but have oh-so recently had cemented- is equal parts biology and community. Unrelated to distance in the slightest. And an evolving, all-encompassing down comforter {Read More}

Wedding Weekend 2: The Bride of Wedding Weekend.

Nora flower girl

So, as promised, here’s a smattering of my youngest sister’s #flynnpesq Wedding Weekend 2015 highlights. (Because we’d need a coffee table book for the whole dang shebang. We’d probably need to borrow a few more coffee tables, too.) And as I don’t yet have access to Em’s sure-to-be glorious wedding photos (and because my phone was someone else for the majority of the day), here are a few cobbled-together pix: The hotel had a salt water pool. It was freezing. {Read More}

Mother’s Day Monday (Observed).

mother's day 2015

Being as it’s the Monday after a holiday, what better time to commemorate it via blog? Happy Monday after Mother’s Day, you guys. My day was spent sleeping in until 8:45 a.m. (!!!) and then getting treated to brunch down the street. A few things: the kids probably would’ve let me sleep even later than that, but my body clock fully acknowledged that any later than that would’ve felt like the shank of the day. And yes, parents “brunch” at {Read More}