New Pearachute deals, just in time for summer (camp)!


Disclosure: As a Pearachute ambassador, I’m happier than a kid with a new box of sidewalk chalk to share our Chicagoland adventures with this marvelous activity-tastic app. Although I’m being compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and introverted children are entirely my own. *** Hey, it’s totally almost summer! (Get back to your desk- I said almost.) Thinking about camps and classes for your little ones? You are so not alone. And the good folks at Pearachute have you covered with new {Read More}

Heartburn, A.K.A. How not to eat with a 2 year-old.


The time: 7:56 a.m. The scene: The living room floor I could tell that the two littles were going to have a special brand of crazy for their day. Waking with the sun didn’t help. The humidity making their breakfast-covered jammies stick to their crabby little bodies didn’t do much to improve morale, either. So I decided to streamline my morning routine to almost nil, in order to turn this day around as soon as humanly possible. Please keep in {Read More}

Things you need to know right now: Memorial Day edition.


Memorial Day weekend inspires the average homeowner to do two things: eat lots of grilled meat, and fix things around the house. (P.J. would suggest that I’m not the “average” homeowner, especially when it comes to the prospect of eating food and changing things up.) Have I got some info for you! Chicago loves the Weber Grill. (And everyone visiting Chicago, naturally, loves the Weber Grill.) What’s not to adore? Primo locale next to the Mag Mile, an off-the-charts awesome {Read More}

Tick tock, Springfield: Chicago Public Schools are crashing & burning.

Chicago has a problem. Truth be told, Chicago has many problems, but aside from gun violence, political nepotism, and the inability to moderate debauchery on [the Saturday before] St. Patrick’s Day, the biggest problem is the state of the public schools. After devastating, city-wide cuts earlier this year (during which time our arts-focused CPS lost one of its art teachers), it was recently announced that a further slashing of up to 30% is looking pretty darned imminent. For my kid’s {Read More}

You deserve this bling from Heidi J. Hale Design Studio (a giveaway)!


Disclosure: This post- and stupendous giveaway- is written on behalf of the Heidi J. Hale Design Studio, but all thoughts, opinions, and Gollum-like grips on my new bling are entirely my own. *** ‘Round here, we’re halfway through a really exciting time. At least for me. The beginning of May is Mother’s Day and the beginning of June is my birthday. Somewhere in there is the ol’ anniversary. I truly, truly, ridiculously, enjoy all three of those holidays, if only {Read More}

The Joffrey’s “Cinderella” is a fanciful must-see.

3_Victoria Jaiani_Photo by Cheryl Mann

Nora loves ballet. Nora loves to twirl around our house in front of an imaginary audience, choreograph moves to the “ballet” (classical) radio station, and- for that one session at the Chicago Park District- take an actual ballet class. But up until last week, the only “real” ballet she’d ever seen was The Joffrey’s Nutcracker (for three years in a row which, admittedly, is an unbelievably beautiful show). I was curious to see how she’d respond to a ballet she {Read More}

Netflix told Nora to stand up for herself. (Think she’ll listen?)

Nora tooth

Disclosure: As a member of Netflix’s Stream Team, I get access to crazy/lovely streaming knowledge and goodies in exchange for my unabashed adoration of all things Netflix- but, as always, all thoughts, opinions, and animation gratitude are entirely my own. *** No one ever said being a parent was easy. (In fact, not a day goes by where people don’t stop me on the street to inform me how hard parenting actually is. THANKS FOR THE TIP, I tell them as {Read More}

3 reasons I’m not blogging today.


I’m not blogging today. Here are 3 very good, quite legit reasons: 1) It’s raining. Like, again. Like, it’s like the Pacific Northwest on crack this week. (Ease up on the fog cover, Grumpy Bear. You’re making everyone cry.) 2) I’m done with words for the week. I’ve been done with words for the week since Tuesday morning at 8:36 a.m., or thereabouts. 3) I took a six year-old to a 3 act ballet last night. It was an exceptional {Read More}