A RoundUp Of Chicago Fun, New Theatre, And- Ooh, Shiny!

nora cozy

The temps have been wonderfully summer-like this past week (which jives completely well with the past summer’s spring-like conditions), so I’ll totally understand if you haven’t caught up on your blog reading. But the time has come. I’m totally kidding. But just in case, here’s the rundown: Last week I smashed my car into my friend’s car. In the preschool pickup lane. And it totally wasn’t the awfulest thing my anxiety-ridden brain was unable to overcome at ALL. Sometimes I {Read More}

Zu Is Having A Zoo (Party).

suzy swing

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Little Beans Cafe. I was provided a complimentary semi-private party for my secondborn’s birthday, but am not being otherwise compensated. That said, I’d probably still gush about them this effusively because a) I’m a proud brand ambassador and b) I’m downright in love with this place. Carry on. *** If you’ve been a reader of the blog for a while- or if you happen to be one of the people I’ve {Read More}

Where Did All These Kids Come From?

kids on the floor

One of my favorite human beings on the planet- one Annie G. (now M.)- visited from California this past weekend. And it was so good to have her back in town because a) we’ve celebrated so many 25th birthdays together and it’s hard to find people who experiences life quite as similarly as I do, and b) she brought her son with her. My godson. (Okay, P.J.’s too.) Who just so happens to be a smallish version of one of {Read More}

Bingo’s Birthday (And Zu’s Glee) At Emerald City Theatre.

Bingo's Birthday

Even the most refined theatergoer (you know, the kind that doesn’t require diaper changes at intermission) needs to begin somewhere. Chicagoans are extraordinarily lucky to have Emerald City Theatre’s Little Theatre and their Play With Me Plays as a primer, as a safe place for the youngest member of the family to enjoy the arts, and as a wonderful way to spend an hour. Their latest offering, the adorable Bingo’s Birthday (created and directed by Artistic Director Ernie Nolan), is a {Read More}

That Time Savers Thrift Stores Made Me An Addict.

black top

Disclaimer: The good people at Savers Thrift Stores provided me with a gift card and the instructions to go wild on creating some looks for Fall, price-comparing along the way. However, I haven’t been otherwise compensated, and all thoughts, opinions, and killer heels are entirely my own. *** One of my the greatest loves of my life is The Art of the Thrift. I have excelled at this art since the day I found an orange vinyl bowling bag from {Read More}