Springtime, Radiohead, & A Little Jean Jacket.


Springtime makes me nostalgic. I think I read somewhere that smell is the most evocative of the senses for  bringing the past rushing back like a jetpack to the face (yes, that was the exact phrasing in the science journal) and I believe it. The other day, the temps reached 80 degrees ’round here. Momentarily ignoring the snowfall which occurred not 48 hours later, that day heralded the beginning of Warm. And Good. And A New Season. So that morning- {Read More}

A RoundUp And- Oh, I Give Up On This Weather.


It’s Spring out there! (If you squint really hard and step over the snowbanks!) How about some blog readin’ to get you through this Wednesday? Like yours with no added through-line? Step right up! Things I Wrote On Less Sleep Than I Ever Could Have Imagined: My kids asked about graveyards and I completely bungled the job. Lyle Finds His Mother is now playing at Lifeline Theatre in Chicago. You should see it. Here’s why. A piece I wrote about the {Read More}

Free Netflix & A Trip Down Memory Lane.


Here’s one of my ultimate favorite things about Netflix: they let you revisit your completely awesome TV memories (and then conveniently pause…and then conveniently re-watch at 2am…and then conveniently get a snack and continue watching in your kitchen…) And let’s be honest. I attended Bayside High. I was no stranger to the Keaton family. And I bet you didn’t know that Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys had a wicked helpful fourth member of the team. (And no, it wasn’t Bess {Read More}

A Day In The Life Of A Suzy.


Have you ever read the book The One In The Middle Is The Green Kangaroo by Judy Blume? That’s my Susannah. Bizzybizzybizzy, fiercely independent, and desperately trying to find that thing that isn’t her big sister’s (but at times needs to be EXACTLY like her big sister’s) and absolutely isn’t her baby brother’s (although occasionally needing to have it be an eensy weensy bit babyesque). At two and a half, she’s hilarious, fearless, determined, and hopelessly sweet. We wouldn’t have her {Read More}

Lifeline’s “Lyle” Is Adorable Theatre For The Littles.

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Lyle- he of Lyle, Lyle Crocodile fame- is perfectly happy with his life on East 88th Street. He has his mother, his father, his best pal of a brother, and a host of neighbors and friends who [mostly] welcome a crocodile to their block. But when Hector P. Valenti- star of stage and screen- appears with a promise to reunite Lyle with his crocodile Mama, everyone assumes that the showman is up to his old tricks and refuses to trust {Read More}