SIMPLEGiving And Endless Breakfasts.


Disclosure: I’m participating in this awesome program on behalf of Champions For Kids and The Motherhood, but all thoughts and opinions- and crazy children- are my own. *** As I write this, my little gals have consumed their third bowls of cereal. (Question- when does it stop being appropriate to call it “breakfast?” 1, 2, 3pm? Asking for a friend.) I feel so fortunate that I’m able to provide a good nutritional start to my children’s days- but the sad {Read More}

Four Months Old. Time To Have The Man Talk.


Dear Jasper, You are four months old. You’ve been here for four months. Here’s a little bit of what I’ve learned in that time: People love to tell Boy Moms that they have no idea what they’re in for. They question if you’re ready for the craziness of Boy after the apparent calm of Girl. (And J- you know your sis Suzy Zu. That fluffy-haired monkey suspended from the ceiling fan? In those moments it takes all that I have to {Read More}

Ticket Giveaway For Lyle Finds His Mother!


Seriously, friends: There is so much good theatre for kiddos going on in this town and there are SO many great people giving me free tix to pass along to you guys! Remember way back to last Friday? When I reviewed Lifeline Theatre’s adorable production of Lyle Finds His Mother (based on the books by Bernard Waber?) WELL. They’ve generously offered up a pair of tickets to my readers for their closing weekend- April 26th and 27th- for either the {Read More}

Springtime, Radiohead, & A Little Jean Jacket.


Springtime makes me nostalgic. I think I read somewhere that smell is the most evocative of the senses for  bringing the past rushing back like a jetpack to the face (yes, that was the exact phrasing in the science journal) and I believe it. The other day, the temps reached 80 degrees ’round here. Momentarily ignoring the snowfall which occurred not 48 hours later, that day heralded the beginning of Warm. And Good. And A New Season. So that morning- {Read More}

A RoundUp And- Oh, I Give Up On This Weather.


It’s Spring out there! (If you squint really hard and step over the snowbanks!) How about some blog readin’ to get you through this Wednesday? Like yours with no added through-line? Step right up! Things I Wrote On Less Sleep Than I Ever Could Have Imagined: My kids asked about graveyards and I completely bungled the job. Lyle Finds His Mother is now playing at Lifeline Theatre in Chicago. You should see it. Here’s why. A piece I wrote about the {Read More}