Back When P.J. Was The Favorite. Again. (And Still.)


I happened upon this post about my kids’  favorite parent from about three years ago, and it resonated. Oh, how it resonated. Because recently, Jasper has decided that only P.J. will do in terms of bedtime and mealtime and bath time and awesometime. Don’t get me wrong, I understand (and appreciate) the appeal of Fun Time Philip, but I do wonder if Jasper had only been using me for my boobs all that time. (When will I learn?) So I thought {Read More}

Sometimes A Picture Has To Do.

the guys

And then there are the days where you’re not feeling particularly humorous, or witty, or profound, or even weird- and, especially that last one, is when you know it’s time to say good enough is good enough- which, oh my God, your Dad would just effing hate- and post a picture you like. A picture you love, really. So here it is, a picture I love. My three favorite men in the entire world, all sitting around like the most important {Read More}

RoundUp: Chicago Things, Print Things & Adorable Things.


Ah, the round up. It’s actually a collection of things I’ve written, things on which I’ve collaborated, and things I dig oh-so much. So, really, it should just be called “things.” Things: One of my articles from the inaugural issue of Hey Baby Chicago got republished on Chicago Parent, and it’s pretty much the only advice you’ll need about bed rest, ever. (Ever.) There’s this great web series called Millennial Parents (seriously great, seriously short), and I had the supra-fun {Read More}

The Fuzziest Members Of The Family & The Stream Team.

Jasper owl lovey

It’s January! And thanks to my involvement as a Stream Team member, I get to be that excitable girl telling you about Netflix’s fantastically curated content each month. And right now it’s all awesome pets, all the time. Susannah’s getting some ideas.  *** Pets are such great family members; they’re loving, loyal, and rarely talk back. (And, in the case of my two almost-11 year old kitties, confused as to why we went ahead and had children after them. “Because,” {Read More}

He Left For A Week.


Last Monday, P.J. left town for a business trip. In Toronto. For a week. I had been nervous- not about our kids or their transpo or my work or the household in general…but about all of those things. Together. If I had felt frazzled when he was here, what the heck was gonna happen when he was across country borders and on an international calling plan? (Which, if I might be such a jerk to mention, was the plan I {Read More}