Six months later. (A Dad recap.)

dad keely singing

My Dad, my first hero, died six months ago yesterday. Six months. At times, it’s felt like a blur. At others, it’s been an exercise in holding my breath, bracing for the pain, working out the cramps when I can. Sometimes I click on his Spotify icon, just to see if “daveflynn425” has listened to anything of note lately. To see if maybe there’s any record of those daily playlists we listened to during his chemo and hospice time. Like {Read More}

Way too much stuff: A Chicago playtime roundup.


Avid, long-time, family-member readers might have noticed that the Wednesday Roundup had gone on a brief hiatus due to the draining, summertime heat. Okay, not really. But I did lose a lot of Man Hours applying sunscreen to various moving targets. So with the cooler weather comes the return of Awesome Things People Are Doing Around Town… …And That You Should Know About, Too: The 2015 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival– besides being an incredibly cool experience for kids ages {Read More}

Going makeup-free with Rodan + Fields’ Unblemish.

Unblemish Day 22

Disclaimer: I was provided Rodan + Fields product for my review but wasn’t otherwise compensated. All thoughts, opinions, and unfortunate skin issues are entirely my own. *** I was feeling bold. And feeling inspired to shake up my skincare regimen, i.e. solve my teenaged-acne-meets-that-best-not-be-a-wrinkle skin. That’s a dangerous combination- one that, say, encourages crazy behavior. Like posting zero-makeup selfies on the internet. I was recently approached by Rodan + Fields consultant and longtime Lollygag Blog-reader Joanne Pfeiffer (hi, Joanne!) to {Read More}

Parental failure: Apple orchard edition.

jasper orchard

I’m starting to see a pattern. There are ideas- really, really good ideas- that get into my head. And even if they don’t jive with my current reality, once I’ve decided that THIS is the plan, then buster: We’re sticking with the plan. So when it falls apart spectacularly, I shouldn’t be surprised. But I always am. Loudly. With tears. Which brings us to Sunday! P.J. and I- we– had decided to go apple picking. In Indiana. Because we always {Read More}

Dragging or hand-holding?


If I could sum up this week in a photograph, it’d be this one: Getting pulled in many different directions (by improbably tiny people) through a messy home, wondering just when- exactly- each of them became big enough to actually go places, clad in a shark backpack. But to look at it from a slightly different angle: There’s lots of sunshine as well as a crazy amount of hand-holding. Plus a shark backpack. Happy Thursday, friends. (Don your best shark {Read More}