3 marvelous companies for wellness this year

Art of Tea

Disclosure: It’s wellness and self-care season, you guys. Although I’m compensated for this post, all thoughts, opinions, and aggressively sustaining practices are entirely my own. (Unless one of you suggested the whole “sleep more” thing to me. Then, thank you.)  *** Boy-o, who could use a handy guide to help get you through cold n’ flu season, lack of sunlight season, and…whatever you can even call this political season? I hear you. It’s no secret that I get to try {Read More}

Best laid plans (a January re-entry blog)


Hi guys! I’m baaack, what’d I miss- ohmyGodWHAT’Shappeningtomorrow?! Kidding, kidding. I may have not been posting, but I certainly haven’t been living under a rock. (Sigh.) Now this is the part where everyone says they were kidding, too. The whole country, in fact. I’ll wait. … Here’s what I’ve learned during my four-week absence from the ol’ blog. (Good grief- four weeks? Christmas was already a month ago? I remember maybe two days of what’s happened since then. Someone needs to {Read More}

Signing off, sending love, sharing ideas


Oh, loves, it has been a YEAR. Since I’m in a share-y kinda mood, here’s this great piece I read the other day. You know how (many, many, many) of you feel like this was an utterly write-off-able year? Here’s the awesome thing: It actually was moderately/pretty close to wonderfully wonderful. Want to keep it that way for 2017 and check off some last-minute gifts at the very same time? Donate here: To help the people of Syria, the Red {Read More}

A #StreamTeam vlog from my 5 year-old


Disclosure: As a member of Netflix’s Stream Team, I share my faves and the latest streaming releases. But this month- ha HA- I outsourced it. Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and holiday screen time are entirely Susannah’s own. *** Parenting, like any other life sentence of your choosing, has its pros and cons. One of the major checks in the ol’ “plus” column is the ability to- ahem– encourage your offspring to do your job for you. May I {Read More}

3 Ways Pearachute is making Winter Break merry & bright!


Disclosure: As a Pearachute ambassador, it’s my jingly elf-like mission to share the latest n’ greatest about their marvy drop-in classes and family-wide activities. Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and non-frostbitten children are entirely my own. *** Pearachute gets you, friend. And they’re gonna continue to get you through the winter season (where, if you’re in Chicago, it’s currently -10 with the windchill ohmywordwhydidwechoosethis). Read on. 3 Ways Pearachute is making Winter Break merry & bright: Gift cards! They {Read More}

5 of my favorite holiday gifts & a giveaway!


Disclosure: Sometimes I get things for free! Sometimes I just love to promote people and things and require no more compensation than a hearty (virtual) handshake. Neither scenario impacts my words in the slightest, as all thoughts, opinions, and gingerbread feelings are entirely my own. *** One of my favorite parts of blogging is- and has always been- sharing my favorite companies and products with people whom I’m 99% certain would be hanging out with me and buying the same {Read More}

Nothing ‘Curious’ about this tale’s appeal

Photo: Joan Marcus

Imagine you stumble upon a murdered dog; everybody, including the neighbors and the police (whom you may or may not have accidentally struck), thinks you’re the killer. Now imagine- same scenario- except you’re a 15 year-old boy with extreme sensory issues, a brilliant mind for mathematics, an absolute inability to be touched (explaining that whole “striking a police officer” thing), and a crystal clear mission: to bring poor, murdered Wellington to justice. This is the premise of Mark Haddon’s explosively {Read More}

5 seemingly unrelated December thoughts


The world is way too big right now and the month of December is entirely too short. Life is absolutely careening, my immune system issues are in yuck-ish stasis, and I find myself less and less equipped at dealing with the shebang. So this week- ha ha- I haven’t! Please enjoy my 5 random December thoughts- this week (so far): 5) You know how people are always talking about finding joy, holding joy, and other verb-y ways of keeping joy in {Read More}