RoundUp: Friends, The Arts, & Listen To Your Mother Vids!

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This past week has been pretty darned fun. We made the most of the long weekend by puttering around the house for even longer periods of time, and even shoved studio headphones on our kids so they could properly enjoy up close n’ personal fireworks without that pesky hearing loss thing. And last night P.J. and I met up with one of my longtime pals and all-around favorite people- my pen pal Armando from way back in the day. God bless {Read More}

Chicago Sailing, AKA My New Favorite Thing.


Disclaimer: Although we were offered a free sail by Chicago Sailing, I was in no other way compensated and all thoughts, opinions, and sunburned shoulders are my own.  I’ve lived in Chicago for close to 12 years. And, in all that time, I’ve never been further into Lake Michigan than the holding my kid ten feet from the shoreline obligatory “swimming” thing. (And, you know, the occasional harbor dinner cruise.) This is ridiculous, considering that for roughly five years I {Read More}

Back When We Bought This Thing In The First Place…

myrtle beach

Happy five year anniversary, big ol’ weird house! For today’s Throwback Monday (#tbm), I give you…the blog post wherein I still felt like everything was gonna be a-ok. Hahahahahahahahaha. *** Anyone Have A Tums? (originally published July 9th, 2009) So, in roughly the amount of time it took to BUILD a new (and smallish) house, we managed to PURCHASE one! For crazy amounts of Monopoly money that I was briefly allowed to touch before it was snapped up in the {Read More}

Keely And The Terrible, Horrible…OW.

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Now, I know I’m not exactly a coal miner, nor is it my task to break boulders into smaller boulders…but occasionally, my day devolves into Not Quite So Easy. For example. Did you know that a freshly mopped floor is a magnet for pee? It just is. It begs for the chance to insufficiently catch (an improbable amount of) bodily fluids from a shockingly small person. “It’s been a minute and a half,” the floor seems to say. “I’m bored! {Read More}

RoundUp: Some Really Good Reading. Including My E-Book!


I am already so in love with July, you guys. Here’s why: Say- just say- I was gonna leave Chicago for five weeks this summer. This is what our breakup/get-back-together would look like. For research (and for Chicago Parent), I stayed in the nicest place ever, ever, ever. You are welcome, locals. My darling friend Alison featured Nora & Zu in her article on summer fun for Everyday Family! (And they’re supra-cute, too. Yeah, I’m biased.) Blogging ruins your children. Here {Read More}