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A playwright, freelance writer, former nanny, and Mom in Chicago, I blog about my money pit of a home, extraordinarily tolerant husband, and my three kids (who are comprised largely of sunbeams, stickers, and peanut butter). There’s awesome stuff we do around town, frequent theatre reviews, and- every so often- there’s a newspaper circular which just begs to be dissected and examined. When I’m not completely avoiding all responsibility on the internet, I like to freelance for the Chicago Tribune, write for Chicago Parent Magazine (for which I’m also one of their parent bloggers), Hey Baby Chicago Magazine, Going Places Magazine, and pen the Moms in the Mix column for 101.9FM The MIX. (Yes, I blog for the radio. It’s like dancing about architecture, but with a stricter deadline.) Once upon a time I made the top 5 parenting blogs for The Bloggies! (Don’t worry, it was in 2011- so my parenting prowess hasn’t gone to my head in the ensuing years.)

Here’s where you can find my moneyed-kinda work:







Here’s some nice things folks have said about me:

“…We see playwright Flynn’s genius for satire as she sends up the Chicago theater scene with biting wit and jabs that hit their mark with such deadly accuracy that nobody who has ever tried to perform here (myself included) wasn’t in stitches.” -Chicago Theater Beat


“Kudos to Keely Flynn for a terrific new script, and to 20% for doing it such justice. Many aspects of the Chicago theater scene may be satire-worthy, but its production of great new plays like this one isn’t one of them.” -Chicago Theater Beat

And here’s the crew:

Jasper (or J.J. Or Roo. Which he’s just gonna hate in grade school.)

jasper lollygag blog

…joined our family in December of 2013. Daddy’s little tax deduction! The third kiddo in the trilogy we like to call Why Is It So Loud In Here, Jasper’s our sweet little Roo and an amazingly easygoing guy. He’d kinda have to be, out of self-defense. His hobbies include taking short walks down long hallways, and hitting the ground like a starfish when he thinks his sisters are about to take him out at the knees. (In love.) Which brings us to…

Susannah (or Zuzu)

suzy lollygag blog

…was born in 2011. She’s a monkey, a gypsy, a comedienne, and a lovebug times a trillion. We’re pretty sure she’s Houdini reincarnated. And she’ll be the reason I need a pacemaker by 40. Things she’s taught me: the world does look cooler upside down, and if you think the top of the fridge is a place you need not nail things down, you’re incorrect. You’re just so incorrect.

Nora (or N.J.)

nora lollygag blog

…is my firstborn, and made us parents in 2009. Although one of the smallest people ever created, she’s The. One. In. Charge. Likes: books, sugar, dancing with her Dad, fancy layers, and everyone staying home for the evening. Dislikes: not being allowed to read books, pasta (weirdo), group settings, putting sundresses into winter storage, and any occasion which calls me away from snuggling under a blanket with her. (She’s onto something, there.)

P.J. (or Peej)

p.j. lollygag blog

…is the love of my life and the Hutch to my Starsky. (Or the Lacey to my Cagney.) He fears nothing [visibly]. One time he killed a rat with his bare hands. An actor, a computer whiz, a math nerd, and a music junkie, he keeps our castle standing tall n’ safe. (Even if he can’t get a word in edgewise.)

My main posting day is Thursday. (It made sense at the time.) And even though I do reviews and sponsored content fairly frequently, I will never do so on that day*. Nope, that day is sacred and reserved for things like misheard lyrics, open letters wherein I weep at my children, and pictures of Zuzu wearing a Play Doh mustache. Once a month I proudly blog for the Netflix Stream Team, of which I am a grateful member. Those posts are sponsored, and full of awesomeness. The rest of the week/month is like a Funfetti cupcake: crazy to look at it, even harder to pin down, and a constant surprise as to when it’s gonna ping you in the head. (Wait, what?)

(*Unless a client insists on a Thursday posting. Then, you’ll get multiple posts to read; one about a business or a product I dig, and at least one other one featuring the Play Doh mustache. Fear not.)

I’m super glad you’re here.



Suzy’s cutie-pie school pic via MK Photography.

The fam’s stellar shots and my headshots thanks to Clark Street Photography.