CPS students and ‘Hamilton’ on the stage where it happens

Talk about your next-level field trips. On November 29th, students from 15 CPS high schools got to be in in the spotlight at the CIBC Theatre, where the wildly popular Hamilton has been playing in Chicago to downright frenzied acclaim. 1,900 students and teachers from 25 CPS schools were in attendance for the day celebrating the Hamilton Education Program, now in its second year, and proved to be a captive and supportive audience for their brave, creative, and vocal peers. Inspired by Hamilton and {Read More}

Win 4 tickets to the House Theatre’s (ballet-free!) ‘Nutcracker’

If The Nutcracker makes you think of slippered children and the type of dances that Sugarplum Fairies like best, then the House Theatre of Chicago’s take on E.T.A. Hoffmann’s tale is the refreshing palate cleanser your holiday season may just require. Created by Jake Minton, Phillip Klapperich, Kevin O’Donnell and Tommy Rapley, and directed by Chris Mathews, this production has garnered quite a devoted following over the past 8 years. First off, there’s no ballet. Zero Tchaikovsky. And, while there’s definitely {Read More}

6 reasons we’re sweet on Lifeline Theatre’s ‘Arnie the Doughnut’

Lifeline Theatre’s charming new production of Arnie the Doughnut– spun like sugar from Laurie Keller’s story of the same name- concerns Arnie, a freshly baked and rather, well, concerned doughnut who isn’t so sure about his lot in life. Namely, as breakfast to the rule-and-routine-happy Mr. Bing. (Sound dark? It totally isn’t.) 6 Reasons We’re Sweet on ‘Arnie the Doughnut’ 6. It features unlikely heroes. Since when does a buttoned-down nice guy get to be the force for change? Well, {Read More}

Windy City Playhouse’s ‘Becky Shaw’ the date you’ll never forget

Ah, families and romance and crumbling class hierarchies: You know how I’m always touting family-friendly entertainment and stuff that the kids will simply adore? Becky Shaw, Windy City Playhouse’s razor-sharp new production, ain’t that show. That said, this is the show where you should bring your girlfriends, established relationships and, at least in my case, a husband and a mother. The comedic drama opens with a wealthy, dysfunctional family on the verge of relative poverty with more than their share {Read More}

ComedySportz’s 30th anniversary & why you need to be there

And now, in Chicago Entertainment News: Have you guys experienced Chicago’s beloved ComedySportz, “the funniest sport you’ll ever play?” You’ve probably heard of it, because a) they’ve been around for 30 years, and b) I recently co-hosted a superbly fun event there and no one was exempt from my social media excitement. In a town this saturated with fantastic comedic and theatrical experiences, lemme tell you a little bit more about why ComedySportz should be on your date night, family {Read More}

Nothing ‘Curious’ about this tale’s appeal

Imagine you stumble upon a murdered dog; everybody, including the neighbors and the police (whom you may or may not have accidentally struck), thinks you’re the killer. Now imagine- same scenario- except you’re a 15 year-old boy with extreme sensory issues, a brilliant mind for mathematics, an absolute inability to be touched (explaining that whole “striking a police officer” thing), and a crystal clear mission: to bring poor, murdered Wellington to justice. This is the premise of Mark Haddon’s explosively {Read More}

‘Fun Home’ sifts memory from myth

“Don’t let this be in the past,” cartoonist Alison Bechdel beseeches her own memory as she scrambles to put down something- anything- onto into a sketchbook in the incredibly powerful Fun Home, based on the artist’s graphic novel. The trouble, of course, is that it’s all past, and it’s Alison’s job to sort the mythology of her Dad with the real, live truths that become more apparent as she nears his age at the time of his death. Dropping truth bombs in {Read More}

No mystery as to the appeal of Lifeline’s ‘Miss Holmes’

If recent cinematic and staged endeavors are any indication, our world has gone Sherlock crazy, and with two good reasons: One, our collective psyche craves the closure and satisfaction of something- anything- being solved and finished (especially in the latter half of 2016). And two, Sherlock lore is compelling and cool as heck. Whichever your driving reasons, Lifeline Theatre’s Miss Holmes will more than satisfy both of those criteria. Their new production crackles with brilliant one-liners and intriguing characters, and {Read More}