Maybe Haunted Posts need their own blog day.

How can she post again so soon, you ask yourselves? What could have POSSIBLY gone down since Tuesday that’s worth blogging about?

Not much, really. But that’s kinda the point- when one’s main trifecta of posting involves bodily functions/petty grievances/insignificant minutiae, it’s never a slow news day.

Update- 10pm bedtime month has been defiled. Disrespected. Nay- disregarded.

And by 10pm’s strongest- and loudest- proponent, no less.

I’m talking to P.J., Mr. Falling Asleep On The Couch Until 11ish. Plus, PLUS, we had gotten completely ready for bed prior to the season finale of Psych at 9pm (saved by CST programming)…and he fell asleep during the first half hour anyway. He says it counts because at least he was resting, but I say J’ACCUSE.

I’m pretty well rested, for my part, though probably not as well as you’d expect. Rage is sapping.

Other things that keep me in a state of not-quite-restiness…How about the fact that, despite public opinion and lack of actual “evidence,” I know that we are 1000% haunted? It’s true.

The baby gates swing open when there is NO WIND. (And only when they’re unlatched/Nora’s asleep. That would just be downright unsafe, otherwise.)

Or when the doorbell went nuts the other day, chiming long and short and half-rings, only to find that NO ONE WAS AT THE DOOR. (Okay, so P.J.’s fairly certain this can be explained by my getting nails and screws from the storage drawer where the backup doorbell is also stored- but that seems TOO EASY.)

And there is NO explanation for the day the TV turned itself off multiple times. Not the cable box, DVD player or Wii- although, come to think of it, why were all of those things on?- but just the TV. And no one was even sitting on the remote.

And what about those eerie sounds and unintelligible babbling at every hour of the day and night?

…Oh, right. Those are our neighbors.

Every so often, it’s nicer to be haunted.



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