Zuzu Wishes To Watch Wonder Pets, Says Nora.

Who’s ready for the theatre?

‘Twas a good weekend. A great one, in fact.

I went on three- count ’em, three– dates this weekend.

Date One was with my husband to see the stellar Sky’s The Limit, Weather Permitting at Second City’s etc stage (’cause we know people in the show)!

Date Two was with Nat n’ Rachael n’ P.J. to see Underworld: Awakening in IMAX and 3D…at the behest of Nat n’ me.

And Date Three was with my darling Nora Jane to see Emerald City Theatre’s Snow White at The Apollo.

During Date One, P.J. screamed “Apple!” and “Korean!” at the improvisers, much to their dismay. (They hate “apple.”)

During Date Two, Nat and I screamed “Too close, too close!” at the screen while bone fragments and glass flew at our faces.

And during Date Three, Nora screamed “I DO NOT LIKE HIM” at the magic mirror. Also, she requested that the lights come back on, please- I SAID PLEASE.

We also started ramping up for one of my very favorite holidays- Valentine’s Day. This year’s cards prove to be some of my favorite yet, most likely because I’ve [started to] let go of my OCD tendencies of card perfection and allowed my miniature Jackson Pollack wannabe to take over as Art Director. The result? Lots of glitter. The surprising and completely non-limiting choice of holiday and calendar stickers. Color pairings  that ought to hurt the eye…but somehow make us really, really happy.

And sure- absolutely- glitter has ended up in the bathtub, on dinner plates, between Susannah’s toes, etc., etc., but I think we can all agree it’s all worth it in the grand scheme of things. (Sorry, Suzy.)

This Valentine prep has completely derailed such tasks as Completing The Book For An Interested Party, Tweaking A Play So That The Ending Makes Sense/Doesn’t Anger The Reader, and Pre-Treating The Baby’s Laundry With Stain Stick.

I am just now realizing that in all of these stories, Susannah is getting the short end of the [stain] stick.

We’ll make it up to her. In fact, we’ll spend the rest of the day doing whatever she likes best.

As translated/decided by her big sister, Nora.

(Blanket tents and warm cocoa for everyone!)



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