Winter Games. (For An Hour.)

On Saturday, we took the girls sledding. In case you’re curious, here’s what sledding in Chicago looks like. Careful, it’s pretty extreme.

First, you bundle your offspring within an inch oftheir lives. It’s cool, they love this part.

There are zero chair lifts. But that’s fine, it’s goodfor them to learn how to walk at a 10 degree angle uphill.

There will be snowflake eating. (A




  1. awesome! once again, that is why he is a great dad! love your laugh, it made me smile as well. Knowing how fast it could be makes me smile, knowing what that will mean to NJ, warms my heart.

  2. Amazing.

  3. That's fantastic. And very cold looking. I'm cold just looking at that. Sometimes I think that it would be fun to play in the snow, but most of the time I'm happy that it's January and I'm wearing short sleeves. :) Your babes are adorable all bundled up.

  4. I love this, and love PJ's attempt at pushing her down a (flat) hill. The pic of the two of them hugging is so sweet. When the girls are a bit older (like fearless teenagers), there is a ridiculous sledding hill out in our neck of the woods that's an old toboggan run. It is insane.

  5. OK, pretty sure I just froze my **** off watching that video. :)How cute are they bundled up!

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