A Mother’s Day Card. In Blog Form.

I’ve been talking a lot about my Dad lately- and oh, how he totally deserves it/wishes I’d kinda stop- but there’s another key player in the saga called How I Got To Be So Awesome.

My Mom.

You can just feel that I’m her favorite.

She’s a cheerleader, an advocate, an advice-giver (whether you need it or not, dammit- although you do; admit it, Keely), a creator of favorite meals, a




  1. <3 I love you and you ARE the best and funniest writer to come along in some time. Don't argue with me Thank you xox

  2. Good moms are the best. They really just are.

  3. Such a sweet love letter to your Mom. And look at your baby picture, awwww.

  4. What a sweet tribute to your mom. I love that she will "berate the cancer out of him." Awesome. :)

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