Smile-Worthy Things. (And One Laugh-And-Regret-It-Worthy Thing.)

Happy Wednesday, everyone. Here are some pix that either make me smile or laugh inappropriately:
One of my best friends with his blondie goddaughter- mere moments before she mildly
concussed herself. Which, regardless of his Catholic/godfatherly guilt, had zero to do with
his presence/the plans for dim sum/anything else which I know he’s thinking at this exact moment.
Nora asked me to take a picture of her in front of Zuzu’s fan with “crazy hair.” Fun factoid:
Her hair looked like this for an hour after the photo was taken. Also, an hour beforehand.
And this is a picture that my brother-in-law sent me. It’s a guy on the street interviewed
about the [totally, completely tragic] shooting of a police officer. That said, His handlebar
mustache is destroying me, and YOU JUST KNOW this guy knows something.

Also? He may be Inigo Montoya.

I’ve done my part. You can take the Wednesday Baton from here.



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