Sex Ed Scare Tactics (And Some Cute Baby Pictures).

I think I’m onto something.

Forget outdated PSAs for sex ed. in our middle and high schools. Yes, yes, kids should know about respecting their bodies and prevention of diseases and all that…but if you want to really ensure that your kids will make smart choices?

Show a video of a rest stop bathroom. And a parent attempting to corral a few whirling dervishes onto the potty. And then off of the potty. And- oh my God, don’t touch that. And please don’t open the stall door while I’m trying to pee. And DO NOT PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH. And leave that lady alone. And my head is mere inches from a public restroom toilet lid in my attempt to hold you steady on a makeshift toilet paper sear- could you please try for real this time? Repeat with Kid Two. Repeat with Kid One who’s really ready to try this time. Sanitize hands and elbows and eyeballs for the things you cannot unsee- and WE DO NOT PUT OUR HANDS THERE. (Re-sanitize.)

I guarantee those high schoolers won’t have sex until their forties.

On another note, we traveled this past weekend to Cincinnati and visited many fine establishments along Indiana’s various highways.

Thankfully, the only trials and tribulations of our trip were in said corralling of the children. (Well, that, and the fact that once we were on the road again I realized that I- as the only person who had not eaten in said rest stop- had forgotten to get any utensils whatsoever for my salad. So we got off at the next exit where I had the singular joy of looking ABSOLUTELY INSANE to the first fast food workers we saw: “I, uh, left my salad fork in Hebron, Indiana.”)

REGARDLESS. We had a fabulous and all-too short visit with Peej’s fam. The coolest parts of the trip? Celebrating our niece Hannah’s 9th birthday (happy birthday, Hannah!), having the newest “cousin twins” Sean and Jasper meet (they’re exactly seven days apart) and doing a photo comparison of our oldest cousin twins (Mikey and Nora are five days apart). You could say that P.J.’s sister Dorrie and I are very competitive. And fertile. (Maybe we should’ve watched the PSAs.)

Here’s the photo shoot we recreated with the older two:


And here’s the newest pair:


Cannot wait to get them back together and over-document as soon as possible.

It’ll even be worth braving a rest stop bathroom or two.



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