Nora Is About To Have The Coolest Party Ever.

I can barely contain my excitement about working with The Wishcraft Workshop for Nora’s upcoming birthday party. While they’re providing me with a complimentary party for the NJ Bug, all thoughts, opinions, and glittery hands are my own.


You know what’s fun? Tailoring birthday parties to your kids’ interests without a) breaking the bank, or b) spending an entire day in a cacophonous and sticky padded room while Mary Had A Little Lamb plays on repeat for hours. (Kid-free friends: Have you refilled your birth control yet?)

I’m lucky enough to know (and work with!) some truly great businesses around Chicago who take all the guesswork and WORKwork out of planning a killer (and affordable) party for smallish balls of energy. One of my absolute favorites is The Wishcraft Workshop in North Center, which is way more than an art studio for kiddos. Their open classes and crafternoons teach technique, creative problem-solving, and even social responsibility while utilizing recycled and natural materials as well as anything else you can shake a paintbrush at.


And guess whose almost five year-old loves artsiness more than almost anything? (Tied with cupcakes.) Nora kind of lost her mind when I said that we’d be having a Wishcraft Workshop party oh-so soon, but here’s why it’s extra amazing: I had asked her what kind of party she wanted this year, and she very matter-of-factly told me “sharks and ocean” and “art.” (What?) WELL. After speaking with the extremely cool and helpful folks at The Wishcraft Workshop about having an artsy party for a five year-old, I passed that weird little nugget to them- and they came back to me with the idea to create sparkly stuffed ocean life creations and clothespin mermaids. I MEAN, HONESTLY.

I might be more excited than Nora is.

But probably not.

Here are some deets about the parties they offer: Party prices are offered on a tiered basis for up to 10 kids, 15, 20, or 25, with plenty of fantastic staff to handle the party flow, set up, clean up, and general cruise directoritude. And these 90 minute parties? They’re DROP OFF. (Most of my friends- currently in the preschool crowd alongside me- are making this face right now: WHAAAAAAAT.) We’re opting for a teensy one with just a few of her friends. (Because we’re easing into this drop-off thing for five year-olds with baby steps.) They provide all paper party products (including the pdf for the personalized invitation they sent my way), all the materials for the guided crafts, and the stellar ideas for related games. Everything is included other than the goodies you want to feed the munchkins.

Geared for 5-12 year-olds, this is pretty much one of the best things ever.

And it might just make you wish you could have your own Wishcraft Workshop party. (I mean for you, grownups.) And guess what? You totally can.

So watch for my party recap next week. And then go book your own artacular shindig.

And then please invite me.


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