Nora’s Best-Ever Birthday a.k.a. Thanks, Wishcraft Workshop!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary birthday party for N.J. in exchange for a series of social media blitzes on behalf of The Wishcraft Workshop. But here’s the thing- I approached THEM with the idea, since I’m a rabid fan and pretty much in love with  this place and everything they do. So obviously, all thoughts, opinions, and glue-covered children are my own. And photos are courtesy of Lucy Cummins/Lucy See Photography. Good stuff all around, guys.


I’ve recently been informed that Nora just had the best birthday of her LIFE.

Wishcraft Workshop Nora birthday

This is high praise.

Especially because Nora herself told me so.

So what’s my secret? Cinchy: I did absolutely nothing whatsoever, leaving every last detail to the patient, capable, and sweet-as-heck staff over at North Center’s Wishcraft Workshop.

Wishcraft Workshop banner

Wishcraft Workshop party space

Nora wanted two specific things for her big ol’ milestone birthday- art and sharks. (Ah, that popular duo. A little overdone, said no one ever.) Kristina Betke, Director of Funordinary Operations (<—actual job title, how flipping awesome), came up with the idea for crafting stuffed aquatic creatures and sparkly clothespin mermaids.

The powers-that-be (Nora, occasionally Susannah), deemed this Good.

And man, was this party the coolest, easiest thing I’ve ever had the (slightly guilty) pleasure of taking credit for. Because as soon as we walked in the door, the wonderful staff set up a presents area, spread out the food (I made cupcakes from a box, plunked plastic sea creatures atop of them, and opened a box of applesauce squeezes- ready for my Martha Stewart tiara over here!), and even told me I wouldn’t need my camera. That’s right, they took photos of the event- for the duration of the entire event. (Geez, I couldn’t even get my wedding photographer to do that.)

Wishcraft Workshop octopus cupcake

Had I mentioned this was a drop-off party? Nora’s handful of preschool gal pals thought this was the coolest. MY friends thought this was the coolest. And what a great, gentle, little playdate of a party it was. The gals were led through the activities, pausing occasionally for a round of Duck, Duck, Goose (where- I’m not gonna lie- it was uncertain whether or not the majority of four and five year-olds actually grasped the rules), and then onward to more glittery crafts and (thankfully) non-glittery treats. (Our cruise director for the afternoon was one Ms. Hannah Starr. Two words: REQUEST. HER.)

Wishcraft Workshop Suzy stuffed animal

Wishcraft Workshop Nora Suzy mermaid

An unexpected bonus? We were given the opportunity to bring our own iPod playlists, but opted to let Wishcraft play deejay- and with the exception of one or two songs, every single track was one we had placed on our kiddos’ playlists at home. (And, remember, I’m married to P.J., so some of these tracks weren’t exactly super well-known or Top 40s material.) This led us to believe that, yet again, we were being rewarded for our ability to “go with the flow”/be incredibly lazy.

Wishcraft Workshop Nora candle

Nora Wishcraft Workshop candle 2

Every single kid had a blast.

Every single kid left with ridiculously adorable arts n’ crafts of their own.

And every single parent grabbed Wishcraft Workshop fliers and party brochures on their way out the door.


Go book your own party!



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