Tree-Getting. And Book-Selling.

Last night, after driving a combined 17 hours (split over two days), we decided to grab our Christmas tree.

There was a bucket of evidence supporting this decision, but I will totally not go into detail here because YES, I understand how insane it looks on paper/blog (and feels in face/brain).

It was Jasper’s first ever Christmas-tree-gettin’.

christmas tree

He was thrilled. (Actually, can we get a close-up on that face?)

christmas tree jasper

“You look so beautiful in your sister’s snowsuit, yes you DO!”

christmas tree keely jasper

Don’t adjust your computer, I really am that blurry in real life.

We were all thrilled.

christmas tree suzy

christmas tree p.j.

And cold and tired and FESTIVE, DARN IT.

christmas tree owl glasses

Happy December, friends.


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