RoundUp: Outdoor Activities & Cozy Fun.

Friends! You’d think that, after such a long blogging break like I just took (you were aware that I took a blog break, right? Say yes), I wouldn’t have a heck of a lot to post for a round-up. But I do. Because= internet.

susannah winter lovies

Winter, right?

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Well, first off, I went to Las Vegas. Here’s Part 1 of the wild n’ crazy, what happens in Vegas gets blogged about the following Monday. (Part 2 goes live tomorrow!)

Ready for the best New Year’s advice you’ll ever get? You’re welcome. (Courtesy of 101.9FM The MIX and their blogtacular columnist.)

Tired of being stuck inside? I wrote about 8 places to go play for Chicago Parent mag.

And its counterpart? Places to stay in and cozy up. (For extra fun, check out January’s print edition of the magazine; both of my articles are back to back full-page spreads. Printily speaking, that’s extremely exciting.)

Need more stuff to do, Chicagoans? How about 50 more? (I contributed fifteen to this Tribune article- can you tell which ones?)

I cannot remember if I ever posted about the Hey Baby magazine launch party– ’cause the struggle is real- but here are some absolutely adorable pictures from the event. (Zu, for real.)

And now, Other People:

(Y’all, I’ve been compensated by neither of these people/listings. I just think they’re rad. And so should you.)

Got kids who dig superheroes?  Little ones with happy feet in your minivan? Have *I* got the show for *you!* The Adventures of Tapman features a lovelorn scientist turned tap-dancing superhero (I mean, honestly), and more sidekicks and archnemeses than you can shake a Bunsen burner at. This one’s at the Athenaeum Theatre and is being produced by Tapman Productions, a newly formed Chicago-based tap company. And it sounds so, so fun. If you go: It runs Thursday, Jan. 29 through Sunday, Feb. 8 at The Athenaeum Theatre, 2936 N. Southport Ave., Chicago. Tix: or 773-935-6875.


Guys, this is fantastic: There’s a brand spankin’ new board game called Brave Champs, and it identifies the professions, heroes, and champs of your kiddo’s world. There are three levels of play (with varying difficulties), and it’s educational, fun, and cute as heck. Bonus? The game’s creator is a local (awesome) gal, so you’d be supporting not only an entrepreneur, but a female one at that. (Who doesn’t love some girl power with their family time?) It’s now on Amazon, too!

Now go forth and see, do, explore, stay warm…and come back tomorrow.

So we can all look longingly at Vegas pictures together.




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