Kid Picks: Products my offspring are bonkers for right now.

Disclosure: I get stuff for free. A lot. I don’t always write about everything because- contrary to popular belief- I cannot be bought for a tube of toothpaste or ill-fitting pair of pants. That said, when I LOVE something, you hear about it. So even though I’ve been compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and happy, happy kids are entirely my own.


When I’m offered cool new things for my family to try out, it’s usually a toss-up as to which kid will adore this more, or what kids will have to be separated over that. And sometimes, those decisions are really, really easy.

Thank you, Really Easy Decision Day.

A little BIRDIE told me…

So, I’m not saying that I have thumbsuckers living with me. But if I did, I’d want to know about BIRDIE- a great company started by a fashion industry vet and, quite literally, mother of invention. Samantha Senack started the business after her little one (the actual Birdie) needed a little help quitting the ol’ thumb habit. Soon thereafter, Digit Tape: A combo of stickers and finger puppets, with a little bit of medical tape reinforcement thrown in for fun. Super easy to use (and even easier to make it seem like a reward), these are totally punishment-free as well as a gigantic hit with the Pre-K set (who love to decorate themselves with stickers, anyhow). The ones we tried? Cutie pie farm animals and emojis. The tape is soft, the peel-off puppets are actually easy to peel, and- again, no names- but the first day we tried them out, we used WAY more puppets than were required by honest-to-gosh digits. Go get yours here.


The good folks at BIRDIE also sent us a Birdie Wedge, an inflatable under-crib propper-upper to help with comfy baby sleep during colicky or stuffed nose nights. And, come on, I’m just trying this awesome product now, at a time when my babies are…uh, slightly not-so babies anymore? (Circa 2009 Keely is weeping jealously into rolled-up towels.) Here’s what’s cool, though: It works for sicky-pie baby preschoolers still sleeping in cribs (don’t judge), the ones who aren’t super great at blowing their noses but who are MAGNIFICENT at requesting all manner of nighttime sicky assistance. And, good news (kinda)! Jasper recently got over a cold, so we got to try firsthand/nose the propping and resting and through-the-night sleeping. (Word to the wise, although the Wedge is good for kiddos 3 months to 3 years, it definitely makes your crib mattress a bunch taller. If- ahem- your kid is on the precipice of major crib/bed decisions, this might be his “why did you climb Mount Everest” moment.) Buy it here! (And keep an eye out for these faboo BIRDIE products on Babies ‘R Us shelves!)

I dug BIRDIE’s “how to use” graphic way more than my own photo attempts at getting Jasper to pretend to sleep in his own crib. Plus, he was sick and crabby.


Sago Mini Planes

The latest offering from Sago Sago (powerhouse game-makers for the pint-sized) soars miles above the competition- literally. Sago Mini Planes, the company’s 20th app, lets kids skim the clouds alongside painfully the adorable characters of Harvey, Robin, Rosie, Jinja, and Jack. To test out this new game, I turned my own resident experts- 2 year-old Jasper and 5 year-old Suzy. Jasper, a longtime fan of this crew, immersed himself immediately into the sweet world of plane manipulation, landscape exploration (there are 6 to choose from!), and the occasional Pizza Planet chomping. Susannah, for her part, narrowed right in on the key point: “You can do anything you want!” She’s totally right, since the pace, the story, the characters, and even the flying vehicles are chosen by the kiddo. (Personally, I wouldn’t be able to make the choice between a rocket ship and a flying banana, but my kids apparently have no such qualms.) Featuring the the open-ended play and sweet graphics that have made this company beloved by tinies everywhere (and which never, ever, show third party ads or in-app purchases), Sago Mini Planes is a must-add to your small aviator’s bag of quiet time tricks (especially those pesky wifi-free ones). Find it here.



SoCozy Boo! Spray

And this will probably jinx the whole shebang, but since I became a faithful, crazy-in-love user of SoCozy’s natural products and especially their Boo! Lice Scaring Spray (…on the children, ahem), we’ve had zero outbreaks in this household. Multiple- multiple- in the kids’ classrooms, but none ’round here. Why? Probably because lice hate the blend of ingredients used in this ridiculously effective spray. (And probably because I apply it like sunscreen morning, noon, and night.) Nora was stoked to try the travel mini spray- pretty much perfect for something like, say, a backpack. Try it yourself with the BackToSchoolStyle 30% code! (Mom pro tip: If you use this as liberally as I do, your kid will smell like peppermint, rosemary, and lavender. You know, like they’ve recently been bathed? You’re welcome.) Spritz ’em down here.


Products which simplify your day (and night), calm your soul, and entertain your brain space? (Or, uh, that of your toddler? Yes. Your toddler.)

Happy Problem-Solving Tuesday in Mid-October, guys.



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