Chicago kids like to swim deep and climb high

Disclosure: Nora, Suzy, and Jasper are thrilled to bring you the best in kid-friendly Chicago activities on the bi-weekly. Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and more-athletic-than-their-mama children are entirely my own.


Goldfish Swim School- Bradley Place

Guys, full confession time: I am not a strong swimmer. Like, I dog paddle for a few minutes before someone- usually P.J.- has to step into the shallow end and lift me like an errant piece of driftwood.

I want better for my children. (Besides, some day P.J. might tire of me, and I’ll need new lifeguards.)

This past week at Goldfish, my extremely cautious and danger-averse daughter Nora dunked her head under water. While there, she held her breath and swam to the mid-lane dock. Then she swam back. Unassisted.

For the first time in her life, forever and ever, Amen.

Goldfish Swim School Chicago

Do you that little proud face?

(Do you want to know why the picture is slightly blurry? Do you really?)

Guys, a handful of half-hour classes ago, she couldn’t swim.

Guys, Nora can swim.


Windy City Ninjas

Oh, friends, it’s time to end our fun with those patient, patient heroes at Windy City Ninjas (for now).

I know I’ve gone on- and on- about the stellar staff, the pristine facility, and the crazy, all-age appropriate offerings for the tiniest ninja to the tallest in your household (which, let’s be totally honest, still isn’t all that tall in this particular household).

Windy City Ninjas 1

But did I tell you how they taught Suzy to fly?

Or at least defy gravity.


Windy City Ninjas 2

I’m really going to miss this place, if only for the sheer energy-getting-out ability and endless supply of fun they provide. (Not to mention the confidence they boost, the strength-building they teach, and the cray long naps they induce.)

Luckily for me, they have open gyms and great li’l camps

(Look, you make your nap time choices, and I’ll make mine/Jasper’s.)

Play hard, Chi-town,


(already asleep)



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