Suzy reviews the new SoCozy “Hush Collection” at Target

Disclosure: I’m thrilled to be working with SoCozy for their new line of sensitive haircare products called “Hush.” Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and delicately detangled dames are entirely my own.


We love our SoCozy products.

We love SoCozy and their brand of non-toxic, superbly effective kiddo haircare. (Need proof? I said this back in 2015 and this in 2016. Our love has grown even deeper and stronger since then. We have a lot of hair ’round here.) So far we’ve fallen in love with the 3-in-1 washes, deeply hydrating conditioners, and sprays galore. (We’ve been using their “Boo” lice preventative spray for years now. Nary a creepy crawly. I’m a non-creepy-crawly devotee.)

And we love their new “Hush Collections” products, too.

Ever been told that you’re too sensitive? Those days are gone, at least in terms of scalp health and detangle-ability. Susannah’s particularly stoked, especially since my borderline translucent gal’s delicate epidermis extends to those baby-fine locks. So who better to help me review the Hush Sensitive Serum, Hush Sensitive Foam, Hush Sensitive 2in1, and Hush Sensitive Detangler?

Hush Collection SoCozy Suzy

First, we went to Target.

The Near North Target in Chicago is a participating location! And unlike other collections, “Hush” is found in the baby section. (Where I hang out, anyway, rubbing my face on the newly showcased lovies in a totally non-creepy manner. Baaaaaabies.)

Second, we made a video.


Check out SoCozy’s Hush Collection at a participating Target near you and start celebrating your beautifully sensitive nature! (BYOBathrobe.)



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