The stunning next installment of the Mystery Camera saga!

(…I have so many questions.)

So, remember a few weeks back when I dropped off a roll of actual film from an actual- prehistoric- disposable camera and people had many, many reactions to it? I sure do! (It may take a few more sessions of therapy to get it out of my brain.)

Well, I finally picked it up and was so excited to see what was on that ol’ wedding table camera!

Drunken party guests?

A sweet candid of my groom kissing my forehead?

My Dad toasting with his buddies?

Someone falling over into the bamboo reeds?

Here’s what I discovered in that envelope, friends:

disposable camera film

This is not my wildly-out-of-frame chair.

disposable camera film 2

Don’t adjust your monitors- it really is that blurry.

What, exactly, are we looking at? Your guess is as good as mine!

Other photos featured a really sweet looking Latino family and a bunch more unfocused furniture shots. When I brought them back to the photo counter, the gal asked me if I was sure this wasn’t my family…? (I was sure!)

She said she’d place a call to corporate and see if any other rolls developed that same day looked anything like mine. What was on my roll, she asked?

Random photos from my wedding, I told her.

“Okay,” she asked, “and do you remember what you were wearing?”

“A big ol’ white dress.”

“To help identify the roll, what were other people doing in these pictures?”

“Drinking. Dancing. Wedding-ish things, I imagine. I haven’t seen the photos, but that’s just my guess!”

She said she’d give me a call after she spoke with corporate. Honestly, I don’t have exceptional hopes of recovering the (likely blurry) disposable camera. It was an adventure just to develop a mystery roll, and some adventures end up exactly like that: with disappointment, zero closure, and documentation of a garage you’ve never set foot in. But hey, not all is lost!

The fifteen bucks worth of developed film came with a pretty sweet backup CD of someone else’s photos.

And that sort of thing is, well, priceless.

(Happy late ’90s, you guys!)



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