Spring’s must-haves (and giveaways)!

Disclosure: These hand-picked, wonderfully curated products are sponsored posts that I’m fairly certain you guys are going to adore. Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and Spring fevers are entirely my own.



Know what’s better than warm weather and sunshiny days? Great stuff to help you enjoy the heck out of that warm weather and those sunshiny days. Read on, friends.

Ollies Blocks


We like to think of ourselves as blocks connoisseur ‘round here. We have lots of them, all shapes, sizes, and method of interlocking. But the toy shelf’s gonna have to make a little room, because Ollies Blocks are more than deserving of a prime spot in any playroom. Created by a husband and wife team and named after their daughter, they were on a mission to bring his parent’s old wooden toy company into the future. So what else makes these little guys so cool? To start, they’re handmade from high-quality oak, and they feature plastic pegs to allow for a previously unheard-of amount of angles, shapes, and creations. Secondly, they come in a dandy little carry case- pretty much perfect for toting to the backyard or Grandma’s house. Jasper, upon spying these babies, immediately sat and made a car. Half an hour later, Suzy joined him and started a village. And when Nora came home? They turned it all into a compound, complete with a slide for the swimming pool. Yep, my 3, 5, and 7 year-olds played together, and brought in other, previously ignored toys from the playroom. SOLD.

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The Svelte Skinny Jeans


I know what you’re thinking- “Keely, you’re so svelte already.” (I know, right? It’s something a Mom of 3 hears often, and it’s borderline exhausting.) That said, I’m always game to try new jeans. And can I just tell you how quickly these exceptionally soft, ridiculously flattering skinny jeans have become my utter favorite? Don’t be intimidated by the term “shapewear;” there’s nothing pinching about these beauties, which feature a 4-way stretch panel to smooth and flatter every little thing. Which, like me, you probably don’t need. Ahem. But still. They look rad with dresses, even better with tees. The cute ankle split makes this jean absolute perfection with flats and heels alike. And guys, I did the test: I wore them three days in a row (stop judging), and they never lost shape or sagged. Threw them in the washer, laid them flat to dry, and voila: Still feel like cozies and fit like a dream. These aren’t just in the rotation, they are the rotation.




I rarely use the term “game-changer” in terms of apps and technology intended for leisurely pursuits; but, you guys, the CocoColor stylus is one thousand percent a game-changer. I love to color. My kids love to color. Everyone and their soothing adult coloring book loves to color. Nothing will ever, ever change how satisfying it is to color an entire field of flowers with varying rainbow hues (for example). But sometimes you can’t bring an entire coffee tin of colored pencils into the waiting room, and uncapping dozens of markers in the backseat of the minivan can cause bad, bad things to happen. But the CocoColor stylus? It’s small, portable, and ridiculously satisfying to use. Aimed at tweens and up (or really persistent “extra special careful” kiddos), it works with two- free!- apps, available on the App Store or Google Play, and there’s zero pairings. Press a color and start doodling on your device. (We used an iPad mini and it was fantastic.) Choose between pen, pencil, pastel, or paint strokes; between that and color options, there are over 768 possible combinations! Coco Color Doodle is a magical app for free-form creating, while Coco Color Voyages is whimsical to the nth degree, and lets you shade everything from the solar system to the deepest seas. Mess-free, road trip-ready, portable zen? Rainbow-striped om, baby.


Rhea/ToTheTens (A Giveaway!)


Remember late last year when I was raving about this incredible company and their ridiculously gorgeous shoes? Well, we’re back with more warm weather must-haves…and a giveaway! Rhea Footwear, known for their patented NeverSlip technology and stunning styles, is teaming up with To The Tens. Not familiar? You will be! Think Pinterest-meets-Amazon, and throw in a few stylists and fashionistas for extra inspiration. The free app lets you post your outfit (you know, those feel-good pieces that make you act perhaps a little too much like Beyonce?) and shop others’ posted looks; like, follow the links and buy those covetable earrings or that sweet, sweet romper. And when people shop your looks? You get points. Which translate to cash. To then buy bling with. Rinse, repeat. But back to Rhea: I had fun with the Classic Flats (in pearl black) and the Duos in Black Gold. And, outside of my overworked sneakers, I’m having a hard time thinking of Spring outfits that wouldn’t jive with one- or both!- of these. The flats are absolute necessities, classy as heck, and comfy. (All flats are not created equal, and many have the ability to crush at least one toe.) And those beautiful flips? Guys, they actually feel like they’re good for my feet. A style this casual with non-slippiness this great and a color combo this marvy? SOLD.

Bonus: Speaking of sold, want your own? Rhea and To The Tens are giving away a pair of Rhea Duos! To enter: 1) Fill out the info on the Rafflecopter below. (It’s painless, I promise.) 2) Download the To The Tens app. (iOS only- sorry ‘Droid peeps.) 3) Follow both kikiflynn (that’s me, you guys!) and Rhea Footwear. 4) Post a look! 4.5) Pick out your sweet, sweet new kicks.


SAGO mini world


We’ve long been gigantic (and short) fans of this terrific company and their beyond-adorable characters. Between their plush lovies, tiny carry-and-play kits, and those utterly wonderful preschool apps, we’re hooked. But now? This is some next level stuff: they’ve just introduced SAGO mini worldFriends: it’s glorious. One subscription allows access to over 20 games and adventures (deep sea diving, robotic creations, and baby dress-up, to name a few), and utilize the monthly option ($4.49/month) or the annual  ($29.99/year <—a launch exclusive price)! As with all other beloved SAGO mini games, there are never any in-app purchases or ads, and cuteness overload is 100% guaranteed. Play online, offline, take your tinies to go, and cancel (easily!) any time. And, while these games are geared towards the littler set, this universe isn’t really something you age out of. Case in point: Nora and Susannah were just as thrilled to try out the “world” as Jasper was.

(Legit backseat conversation)

Nora (7): This is everything I wanted a SAGO mini game to be!

Suzy (5): Well, it looks like your SAGO mini dream finally came true.




“Hey,” you’re thinking. “These graphics looks pretty marvy today, Keely.” (Thanks!) My newest design-happy secret is FotoJet, which brings gorgeous creating and formatting to the masses– even if you’re not the most adept at photo manipulation. (Ahem.) Know what you’re doing? Great- you’ll love the array of filters, tools, overlays, and text options. Newbie (or not-so newbie) with a healthy fear of background choice? You’ll be grateful for the tips n’ tricks, cinchy templates, and even the ability to design Pinterest-worthy invitations. (Still figuring out that graduation card or baby shower print? Gotcha covered.) They have great options for social media creators as well; YouTube channel art, Tumblr banners, Facebook covers, Twitter images, and email newsletter headers. (You know, the stuff people already assume you know how to do?)

Bonus giveaway! FotoJet is giving one lucky Lollygag Blog reader a premium account! To enter: Simply leave a comment saying you wanna win the FotoJet premium account. Yep, it’ll be separate from the Rhea Footwear giveaway, and yep, it’ll be awesome.



Good luck/happy shopping/welcome Spring, friends!

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