Swimming at Goldfish: A Chicago success story (times 3)

Disclosure: I love working with local businesses and brands, bringing the best of Chicago’s best right to your eyeballs. Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and lightning-fast children are entirely my own.


Before we signed on for a session apiece for these kiddos, these kiddos did not know how to swim. Oh, sure, they were exceptional splashers, but their attempts at staying afloat- and in the water- were somewhat not-so-great. (Just like bursts of temper and expensive tastes, they get it from their Mama.)

Nora Suzy Goldfish Swim Chicago

When we started with Goldfish earlier this year, 1 out of 3 kids had zero interest in swimming. 2 out of 3 kids were alarmed by the water. 3 out of 3 kids had no idea what to do once they actually touched the water.

My kids legit did not know how to swim.

Part 1: My kids can swim. JASPER! . . . . . #swim #chicago #kidactivities #ad @goldfishswimschool

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Part 2: My kids can swim! SUZY. . . . . . #swim #chicago #kidactivities #ad @goldfishswimschool

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Part 3: My kids can swim! NORA. . . . . . #swim #chicago #kidactivities #ad @goldfishswimschool

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And now they know how to swim.


And they learned how to swim from a place that was efficient, convenient, gentle, and affordable. This post ends my partnership with Goldfish Swim School- for now- but, guess what? We love this place so much that we signed up for another session, starting this Friday.

(If there’s a higher recommendation than a blogger continuing on with a company after the freebies ended, well then, I have zero idea what that could possibly be. Face tattooing?)





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