Grace. (A.k.a. We’ll see!)

Things I will give myself grace about today:

(a work in progress)

-My kids are mostly clean, extremely well-fed, and unquestionably loved. The rest of the kid stuff I angst about in the middle of the night can hold off for a bit. (At least until tonight.)

-When your body hurts, you should rest. Today, I should rest. (And if that requires yet more screen time for Jasper, well then, gracegracegracegracegrace.)

-The brain is part of the body. When it’s not feeling great, I shouldn’t be surprised that the rest of me doesn’t feel so hot, either. (See: above.)

FullSizeRender (1)

When you start to resemble your five year-old’s portrait, then things need to be said.

-The country is overwhelmed and I, as a member of such society, am allowed to be equally overwhelmed. That said, with the exception of job-related tasks, the internet can wholly do without me today. (I believe in you, internet.)

-Asking for help is actually kind of a strength, if you think about it. I cannot fully clean my house, care for my kids 24/7, get them them everywhere, and be good at my job without a little help. (Related: P.J., I’d love a cup of coffee if you’re coming this way any time soon.)

-Cutting a blog post short so you can set up a town of trucks, pirate ships, and Little People with your three year-old and a rambunctious kitten is generally a pretty marvelous idea.

(See you next week, friends.)



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