4 very specific ways Netflix saved my holiday season (so far)

As a member of Netflix’s Stream Team, I love sharing the best of the streaming best each month- and this month, it may even restore a little of your fa la la. Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and travel chargers are entirely my own.


The craziness of the holidays is upon us, friends. (Heck, it’s always upon us, but now it’s wearing a little jingle bell.) Even if you’re staying in town- even if you’ve finished your shopping by July- there will still be craziness. Trust me. And the ability to download Netflix’s streaming shows onto your devices has become a game-changer. (No Internet can still equal Yes Sanity.)

4 very specific ways Netflix saved my holiday season (so far)

When we watched Project: MC2 (and learned about how incredibly cool girls in the sciences can be!) while crouched by plastic airport lounge chairs because, oh my goodness, when did Boarding Group 3 become Boarding Group 97, between First Class boarding and Priority Member Boarding and Dogs With Blue Eyes Boarding and every single other group besides yours that paid a gazillion extra bucks to stand on the ramp and pause there for an hour?

When we watched Little Baby Bum– a British nursery rhyme show- which, if you’ve yet to see, concerns (as best I can tell) a group of occasionally employed small children who sing lullabies to statues and the moon and things like that. It’s also quite soothing, which comes in handy when a horde of your preschooler’s older cousins decide to have a “how much of this specific snack can we shove into our mouths at one time” contest, and you decide to err on the side of “chilling out in the other room for a bit.” (Also- “not dying.”)

Netflix Holidays

Silent Night (at least for this night).

When we watched Spirit: Riding Free (a Western for tweens and horse-lovers and the little brothers of aforementioned tween horse-lovers) as a reward for “agreeing” to stay home with one parent for a few while the other parent runs to the supermarket for like, seriously, four items you guys, can we not make this the Great Illinois Exodus with accessories and snacks and- really, you’re bringing a journal?- because people will be here soon and we’re out of wine. We need wine.

When I watched an impressive number of The Office seasons, under a blanket, nearish to the Christmas tree, without people in the room, after finishing Christmas cards, before the wrapped Secret Santa gifts needed to be handed out, and at least a few hours before I remembered THAT THING ON THE LIST OH MY GAWD immediately after falling asleep.





(Have you checked out the “Available for Download Menu” yet? Peace on Earth, indeed.)

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