Powering through the shelfies with the #StreamTeam.

Disclaimer: As a member of Netflix’s #StreamTeam, I have the funnest job ever. This month is all about the shows you keep saying you’re gonna watch but then never get around to. So maybe step it up a little bit and watch them, already? The dishes will totally keep. And as always, all thoughts, opinions, and questionable viewing habits are entirely my own. *** It’s no secret- P.J. and I are both TV obsessors. As in, we call them “our {Read More}

Reading across that rainbow with the #StreamTeam.

Disclaimer: As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I happily dish on the best of the curated best each month. And usually it’s a mash-up of multiple shows and movies. But not this month. Because August is dedicated to one show and one show only. Read on. (And while I’m compensated for these posts in one way or another, all thoughts, opinions, and off-key theme songs are entirely my own.)  I’m sure you’ve got a bunch of great, end o’ {Read More}

Adventuring like dragons with the #StreamTeam.

As part of Netflix’s #StreamTeam, I get to promote the best of the curated best each month. Even though compensation is generally involved, all thoughts, opinions, and glittery children are entirely my own. (Sigh.)  *** Summer is the season for adventuring. Back (waaaay back) when I was a little kid, those adventures took the form of hacking my way through wooded areas next to my house (to make rooms for my “house”) and thumbtacking sheets to my ceiling in order {Read More}

Things you probably don’t know about me: Summer ’15 edition.

Things you may not know about me at this moment in time: I watch Daredevil, the Netflix series. (And no, this is not a sponsored post. Since I work with Netflix, I just find myself suuuuper aware of their programming and it becomes my go-to for unwinding in short bursts. Another thing you might not know about me: I believe it’s possible to “unwind” in “short bursts.” That right there might speak more about my psyche than anything else on {Read More}

Empathizing With Odie (and the #StreamTeam).

As part of Netflix’s #StreamTeam, I’m pretty much the happiest when I get to give you a heads-up on the newest in their streaming lineup. Or in this case, the oldest. Shall we revisit the Way Back Machine? (Disclaimer: I’m compensated, sure, but all thoughts, opinions, and ecstatic memories are entirely my own.) *** Sometimes I feel like Netflix just gets where I’m at in my summer. How else could they know that I’m at the point of “vacation” where {Read More}

Keepin’ It In The Family With Netflix & The #Stream Team.

Disclosure: I love Netflix. As a member of their Stream Team, I get to watch copious amounts of media for fun- er, work. Even though I’m compensated, each and every recommendation has been vetted by- let’s be honest- my children. This month’s #streamteam theme is family. Aww… *** Family- as I’ve suspected for a long time but have oh-so recently had cemented- is equal parts biology and community. Unrelated to distance in the slightest. And an evolving, all-encompassing down comforter {Read More}

Telling Tale Tales with Netflix And The #StreamTeam.

As a member of Netflix’s #StreamTeam, I get to showcase fantastically curated content each month. April’s theme is Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire. Which I cannot relate to in my household at all.  I’m lying. *** I may not have a PhD or anything (in fact, nothing even remotely resembling a PhD), but I’m a downright brilliant expert on one very specific part of my life: I know exactly when my children are lying to me. I don’t even have {Read More}

Netflix And The Art Of Not Ignoring My Kids.

So, most of you know by now that I’m a proud member of the Netflix Stream Team, and dig sharing the best of the curated best each month. It’s true. But I also dig going my own way now and again, and circling back to rave about a flick or two that’s caught my family’s eye (and WiiMote). Here’s one. *** There are so many good shows streaming on Netflix right now. SO MANY. For grownups, they include the wonderfully {Read More}