An open letter to the man who screamed at me (this time).

(Edited to add: This all went down last Thursday, and I gave myself a week to see if that would elicit a gentler, more forgiving response to the man in question. It didn’t.) *** Dear Sir, Not half an hour ago, you shouted at me with rage in your voice and disgust in your eyes. You- you– stepped in front of my (stopped!) van at the edge of my alley, steps from my garage. “Honk your EFFING* HORN.” (*You did not say “effing.”) {Read More}

A flat tire, but buoyant spirits (eventually)

Yesterday started out really, really well. It lasted about 20 minutes. But during those 20 minutes, it felt pretty great to have everyone’s breakfast, backpacks, hairstyles, and varying bathroom needs wrapped up a little earlier than usual. I even had enough time to finish my first cup of coffee and kiss the kids goodbye in time to hear- “Uh, we have a problem.” P.J. drives the girls most mornings to their school (due southeast of our ‘hood), so hearing that out {Read More}