It’s kinda like camping.

Shameless self-promotion: the ‘Snapshots’ festival that 20% Theatre Chicago produces every year is this weekend! One of my better one-acts is featured, as are two pieces that P.J. gets to rock. Come play! Thursday through Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 7pm. Strawdog Theatre, 3829 N. Broadway, Chicago. Email at for reservations (and a good time.)

Business done? Yes? (Not even remotely.)

Yes, we have a new house. Yes, I’m wildly pregnant. But no, I don’t feel like blogging about the movers who spoke only Spanish, the boxspring stuck in the door, the sectional couch stuck in the hallway, the more nights we’ve been away than present in the new place or my ever-expanding belly button shelf. At least not right now.

I AM intrigued, however, by opinions. Strong ones. Ones that people have had since childhood and cannot be swayed by other opinions, science, medical facts or divine intervention. For example (and this is just an example): The truthful OPINION that Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, is a dinosaur. I used to think that she was a Brontosaurus, but since that’s no longer a valid dinosaur (another OPINION, like the demotion of Pluto), I’ll jive with Apatosaurus, Paleosaurus or whatever the going long-necked variety is now called. No one in the universe could convince me otherwise…and I won’t even entertain statements to the contrary. Unless you’re suggesting a different dinosaur that Nessie could possibly be. Then that’s just fun conversation.

Do you have an opinion so strongly rooted that the absence of mere “facts” doesn’t even register? I bet you do. I asked my sister Kate for her strongest held opinion…and waited. And waited. Finally, I heard the intake of breath that meant an OPINION was about to be offered. (Hah. That’s a joke. No one ever “offers” opinions. Opinions are thrust! And demanded to be taken! And if not, something else is taken: offense.) Anyway, the payoff opinion was this:

“I think tamales are overrated.”

That’s it? That’s your ‘take it or leave it’ view of the universe? There’s only one noun in that statement! When I showed displeasure in her opinion (unfair, I realize), she amended it to use stronger words. It was still about tamales, however. I’ll give her some more time.

And now back to the delightful slice of life I call “going to work and collecting a paycheck.” (I’m enjoying a brief respite from doing something along the lines of gluing colorful things to other colorful things and also sanitizing rooms smeared with poo. This respite comes in the form of a savior I like to call “Sesame Street.”)

Wednesday already?

I barely know where I live anymore.

(But it’s easily identifiable by the large furnishings stuck in small spaces. Come visit sometime! Seating will be hilarious.)



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