Today I: …Took three kids to get “back to school” haircuts. (Even if the youngest’s “school” is only School of Hard Knocks/School of Disrupted Naptimes.) …Packed a picnic lunch to eat at the splash pad for one last splashy summer. (The fact that the park was 2 blocks away from the haircut joint and the spraying water ensured I wouldn’t have to hose them down myself post-lunch shouldn’t count against me in the least.) …Wrote one email. While holding a {Read More}

The WayBack Machine: July 2009.

Because it’s the 6th anniversary of my house-buyin’, I thought I’d thrill you all with what- exactly- was going down 6 years ago this July. A first-time and almost third trimester hot mess, a three story and falling-down homestead, and two recently married kids just stupid enough to think it was all magical. Enjoy. *** Anyone have a Tums? july 9, 2009 So, in roughly the amount of time it took to BUILD a new (and smallish) house, we managed {Read More}

Rearranging Furniture And Other Marriage Helpers.

I feel that moving and rearranging objects gives them energy, I honestly do. I feel that Feng Shui is a very real form of magic. I also feel that I have no actual skills when it comes to Feng Shui-ing the heck out of a room. This doesn’t stop me in the slightest. Related: P.J. is the (reluctantly) proud owner of a newly upended room. This is a guy, for the record, who likes his socks to go in the {Read More}

Back When We Bought This Thing In The First Place…

Happy five year anniversary, big ol’ weird house! For today’s Throwback Monday (#tbm), I give you…the blog post wherein I still felt like everything was gonna be a-ok. Hahahahahahahahaha. *** Anyone Have A Tums? (originally published July 9th, 2009) So, in roughly the amount of time it took to BUILD a new (and smallish) house, we managed to PURCHASE one! For crazy amounts of Monopoly money that I was briefly allowed to touch before it was snapped up in the {Read More}

The Girls’ Bedroom Is Done! (For Now!)

The girls’ bedroom has had many incarnations. Before its (thankfully) clean, bright, pretty, and deathly material-free current self, it was a nursery with oddly placed acoustic ceiling tiles. (Nowhere else on the third floor had these bedroom ceiling tiles.) And prior to that, it was a cross between a blank slate and a crack den in a fixer-upper home. And we were either blinded by our own idealism or constrained by the available properties in our price range- it’s so {Read More}

Forget The Round Up, How About A Rip Up?

Oh, I had planned to write up a detailed list of all the various places my words were being flung this week- but NO MORE. For you see, I think my “to do” list for the week would be far more entertaining to read: Things I Had Planned To Do Before Monday Afternoon Struck: Do maybe four loads of laundry. Drive to preschool. Drive back home. Drive to preschool. Drive back home. Finish some articles for folks who said out {Read More}

A “Real” House.

Sometimes I wish we lived in a “real” house. Don’t get me wrong; I realize how lucky we are to even own property in this day and age (and city and economy). But every so often- in a fleeting way, really- I think about how lovely it would be to have: -A layout of the house which requires no explanation. (“Well, yeah, it used to be a kitchen, but now we’re using this room mostly for bookshelves. And that rocking horse. {Read More}

The Big Girls’ Room…Looks Like Keely’s Little Girl Room.

So, even though we moved Zu up to Nora’s room in August, the rest of her belongings (and wall art) finally made the trek upstairs this past weekend. Everyone was happy. Namely me, because Susannah doesn’t really let too much faze her. Here’s a few pix of the finished Big Girls’ Room, which is something I like to call Carnival Chic, or Mom Has Nostalgia, or Gosh- Those Kids Have A Lot Of Things: I’m pretty thrilled with how nicely {Read More}