Little Gorilla Design, a.k.a. P.J. Write This Down.

When I was a little kid, my Mom and I used to pretend to “shop” various catalogs. We’d have cups of tea and wield big ol’ pens, circling home goods, knickknacks, clothing, and the Wish Book. I circled and craved everything– not because I was greedy (pipe down, sisters) but because I could genuinely make room in my heart for every single item in completely different ways. When I love something, I really love something and it becomes part of my Things (or ‘Fings’, as the Little Littles say.) Due to this all-encompassing love [for awesomeness], it’s been said that I’m exceptionally easy to shop for.

It just got easier.

Cindy Perkins at Little Gorilla Design has taken the guesswork outta what you can purchase for my Christmas, Valentine and birthday presents. Maybe even Saint Patrick’s and Arbor Days as well. She has created wearable works of art- not to mention seriously sweet kiddo products– that are simply fabulous.

Sure Keely, you scoff. You’re reviewing their product. You hafta like it!

To that I reply- Nope and yeah. No, I am not obligated to love anything…but yes, I am compelled to love these belt buckles. They are completely covet-worthy. Especially if you’ve only recently gotten back into pants that necessitate an actual belt buckle.

Let’s start with this one.

Yep. I could easily begin and end with this one. I’m gonna go ahead and call it Pink FancerPants. (If I wore this, it would easily be the fanciest thing on my person. By a lot.) The inspiration and design behind these began with Cindy creating her own scrapbook papers and working from there, adding Swarovski crystals and other magic along the way. (Anyone who has ever received one of my handmade Valentines circa 1987-Present understands that I’m welling up at this point.)

But you know what? I’d happily take this glorious one as well.

I don’t speak French- yet. Though I would sure as heck mangle my way through it for you if you purchased this Parisian beauty for me. You’re welcome.

This was originally my first pick-

-But then an immediate list popped into my head of folks who would steal it from me [cough*Nat/Vicky/AtLeastFiveOthers*cough], perhaps even while I was learning French or donning fancier pants.

While I work off the self-induced hurt from hypothetical thievery, you all should seriously check out the rest of their catalog here (they even sell supra cute belts!) I could hyperlink and paste images all day, but I think you get the idea. I dig this line. You should, too.

I’d hate to be this fancy (pants or otherwise) on my own.



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