Time in a bottle with Great Clips’ #MoreMinutes.

As soon as I saw the campaign hashtag for this one- #MoreMinutes – I was so totally, thoroughly on board. My first thought was, well, Great Clips has done it. They’ve found a way to bottle up time and to use when we need it. This must be the future. And while it’s not exactly that, it’s pretty close. With the (free!) Great clips app, you can glance at your phone, see what the wait is for a haircut in {Read More}

Win a week at Camp Bubbles, Chicagoland!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Bubbles Academy. Even though I’ve been compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and euphoric children are entirely my own. *** Chicago parents of teensy Littles: I know you know Bubbles Academy (that 14k square foot marvel located in Chi’s Near North ‘hood). I’ve been taking kids there since before I was married. That’s right, I’ve had a longer relationship with them than with P.J. I’ve long extolled their clean, safe, happier-than-happy play spaces and {Read More}

Selfies, 2k For Your Community & Huggies’ #UltraHug.

Friends, Huggies is giving communities the chance to do something great.

Detangling Bathtime Routines With SoCozy.

Disclaimer: This is a campaign on behalf of SoCozy, a unique line of haircare products for scalps between the ages of 2-12 years old. While I’ve benefitted from both free haircare products as well as money in the bank, please know that all thoughts, opinions, and squeaky-haired children are entirely my own.  *** I like playing around with hair products for my kiddos for a few reasons. 1) I enjoy pretending that my offspring are smallish dolls. 2) Anything that {Read More}

Have Daughters? You Need These Shirts.

Disclaimer: Yes, this is a sponsored post on behalf of Clever Belle. No, I didn’t receive any compensation for it other than some supra-cool shirts for the gals. Yes, I know and admire one of the company’s co-founders. No, I was NOT seen trying to squeeze into one of Nora’s shirts because I like them so darned much. We good now? *** “Creative clothing options for girls who want to succeed in a real career instead of marrying into royalty.” {Read More}

A March Of Dimes #imbornto Party- Sans Kiddos.

Disclaimer: I’ve been compensated by the March of Dimes to promote their #imbornto campaign, which celebrates all of the amazing things each and every baby is born to do. Visit the March of Dimes #imbornto site for more info! Even though content is sponsored, I wholly agree with the wonderful work the MoD does with pre and postnatal care, and all thoughts, opinions, and newborn envy are strictly my own.  *** I’m a lucky person. I was chosen as one {Read More}

The March of Dimes, #imbornto, And MAN, I Was Cute.

Pals, you might have noticed that I’ve been laying off of brands and campaign partners lately. With my Dad’s cancer treatments and devastating decline, I’ll be honest with you: Not a heck of a lot struck me as worth my brain space and, actually, felt eyeball-gratingly superficial. So you’ve got to trust me when I say that I jumped at the chance to work with the March of Dimes. My reasons are threefold: My Dad’s recent death has brought the {Read More}

Swimming Like Champs. Or At Least Better Than Me.

This wraps up the two-fer posts I’ve written on behalf of Goldfish Swim School and their terrific programs for the smallest pollywogs among you. Nora and Susannah swam for free- but all thoughts and opinions and pruney fingers are our own.  *** Well, we did it. The gals completed their first-ever In An Actual Swim Facility lessons…and I’m proud to announce that they’re both champion divers, not to mention serious contenders for the Under-5 freestyle record. Or. They’re competent and {Read More}