Can’t Put That In A Trapper-Keeper, Though.

Do the Wonder Pets have
 a Twitter account?

I have finally- finally- figured out what to do with the darned playroom.

I realize that this is of little consequence to anyone not spending nearly ten hours a day in, on, or around this room (a narrow li’l group, to be sure)…but for those of us who are, well, it’s just fantastic news.

The baby swing is no longer randomly against a wall, smacking into an exersaucer and/or a train table. (Swing- rattle- swing- choo, choo!, etc., etc. No longer.) It is possible to enter the guest room/P.J.’s office without tripping over an impossibly small set of table and chairs- although I make no promises about the rocking horse on the other side of the wall. (Sorry, Peej.) The couch is now centered with the TV- an issue that was formerly (and apparently) driving one of us to the point of insanity. (Sorry, Peej.) A new focal point is a streamlined corner with neat cabinets and a gigantic pink dollhouse bookcase. (…Sorry, Peej.)

All of this Feng Shui correctness (how do you know when it’s “correct?” Easy- your mind will allow you to sit down and stop rearranging the damn room) freed up my time enough to let me ponder the ol’ days.

Remember when you actually had to write a fan letter to get a superstar to respond to you? (You’re looking at the proud owner of, among other things, a complete set of autographed Mickey Mouse Club cast postcards, circa 1991.)

You’d write the letter, usually posting it to an address that you found in a fanclub section of Teen Beat.

For example.

You’d write the floweriest, wittiest, coolest prose that- you were certain- would rocket you to best friendship with Jonathan Brandis.

For example.

And then, roughly three months later, you’d get a form letter response with a signature (or, at worst, a stamped “signature”) which would cement the idea of how fantastic that celeb was. (“Keep on watchin’!” I WILL!)

But now? We’ve got Twitter. And I imagine that waiting to be re-tweeted by a celeb is akin to waiting by the mailbox for a response, or not making after-school plans in case your letter is read on the air by The Mickey Mouse Club.

For example.

I have never been re-tweeted by a celeb. But I can take the credit for- quite possibly- prompting Rainn Wilson to change his Twitter account’s avatar. Early yesterday morning, upon seeing the image of a young Newt Gingrich mashed up against The Office’s Dwight Schrute, I was inspired to pen a [witty? flowery?] tweet to Mr. Wilson himself, asking if he’d seen the magical picture.

No response.


Not too long thereafter, his picture was changed to that of a young Newt Gingrich. His fans began tweeting and re-tweeting about the crazy awesome picture that he had selected.

And I realize that the picture itself is old news, as the image in question had already made its rounds from Facebook to The Daily Show.

But I may have been instrumental in inspiring a photo change for one of my favorite actors on one of my favorite shows.

Sure, it’s no Thanks for the love! from J.C. Chasez…

…But I’ll take it.



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