Keely Gets Purty. Kinda.

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I kept it simple for 2012.

“Consume more water,” I said to myself. “Drink some drinking water,” as Nora calls it.

And while this resolution may be easily crossed off of a daily list, perhaps I need to reach a little higher in terms of beauty and wellness goals. (I mean, you all remember my failed attempt at being non-sweatpantsy, right?)

“But beautifying oneself is expensive,” you [I] say to yourself [myself]. “And I need to save money for things like food/a fur vest [/patching drywall].”

Thankfully, you [I] live next door to a Walgreens. (And let’s be honest, if you live in a decently sized town, you probably do, too.) So let’s make a new list for 2012, shall we?

Resolution #1- For The Love Of God, I WILL Do Something With My Hair.

– Whether this means updating my 5th grade hairstyle with sassy new hair clips, using a tourmaline ceramic brush (as opposed to the broken bristles of death that I currently wield), or finally realizing that perhaps to have hair that doesn’t look shampooed and air-dried, one needs to put something on one’s hair besides shampoo (and air).

Resolution #2- Scrub A Dub Dub, In Or Out Of The Tub.

– If you’re anything like me, you’re exceedingly dull. But just on the surface. Shallowly dull, that’s you. (And me.) I think this is the year to have our skin(s?) reveal our inner sparkliness. (But not in a Twilight kinda way.) I’m talkin’ natural facial fruity scrubs, sugar scrubs for all over that smell luscious enough to eat (but don’t- neither should you eat lip gloss, no matter how good it smells. You are WELCOME), and all of those fun products that prevent our dry skin from making audible sounds from underneath our corduroy pant legs.

Resolution #3- Show A Little Cleavage. Toe Cleavage.

– Now, unless you can afford weekly pedicures (in which case I either hate you or would like you to become my best friend/sugar Daddy), there’s gonna be a time where the heels of your feet could sand unfinished wood. But this is easily amended with those ridonkulously cool PedEgg foot files. Also, a good shea butter can do wonders. (Unless you have to immediately walk on a wood floor. Then- refrain.) And instant gratification can be found in a teensy bottle of bright nail color. Did you know that Pantone declared tangerine to be the color of the year for ’12? And it’s awfully easy to be both bold and trendy when it’s your feet doing the boldy trending.

Let’s all resolve to be more lovely in 2012. Within our budgets. Starting with me.

And hey, looks like I’ve just posted a nice li’l wishlist for easy gifting!

(How lovely is that?)



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