Kids Bowl Free= Free Bowling All Summer Long= I’m Sorry, WHAT?

You guys. YOU GUYS.

In honor of the first day of summer, I’m doing [awkward] backflips to tell you about this simply unreal summer event.

It’s called Kids Bowl Free, and I’m fairly certain you’re gonna find a participating bowling center in or near your town. (Yes, even you, darling Canadians.) Ready for this? Once you sign up- for free– your kid gets to bowl twice a day, all summer long. For free. There is, quite literally, no catch.

It is insane. It is wonderful. It is free bowling all summer long for your children.

Kids Bowl Free is an awesome program designed by bowling centers and community groups to provide safe (and fun) places for kiddos to be all summer long. Also- for my friends who are educators/parents/folks who value intelligent American students- Kids Bowl Free is sponsoring a 100k classroom supplies grant program. In case you needed another reason to think these people are terrific. Check out their feature on NBC Nightly News.

Personally, I can’t wait to take the girls bowling. Zuzu is already showing mad athletic ability, and Nora happens to be ridonkulously competitive. I’ve already signed them up, so it’s a recipe for awesome. (All summer long.)

Seriously, pals, go register your kids and receive your free emailed vouchers. It’s really that easy. And hey, want to join them? I happen to be giving away a family four-pass of bowling vouchers good in the U.S. and Canada. Tell your nieces and nephews and neighbors and friends and people you don’t even like that much because hey, this is a really good deal and it’s open to everyone.

Want to win ’em? Enter via the totally-non-scary Rafflecopter below and it’ll pick the winner by next Friday. Either way, make sure to get your kids’ free bowling passes ASAP. Because we all win.

Especially me. Who gets to introduce yet another type of cute footwear to her children.


While I was provided a family pass for writing this review, I wasn’t compensated in any other way, shape, or form. So you can rest assured that my barely-contained glee and opinions are my own.

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