Keely Steps Out (In Supremely Cute Orthaheel Boots).

I’m very very very thrilled to write this sponsored post on behalf of Orthaheel and Sole Provisions. Yay, boots!

Now that I’m safely ensconced in my 30s, it’s easy to see that I’ve begun a trend of wearing shoes that are extremely good for my feet.

This is a welcomed change, as I spent the majority of my 20s clad in footwear designed to destroy arches (and fall apart at the first sign of weather).

And as a gal who for so long prized quantity over quality and so cute over pretty much all else, it’s awesome to find boots and shoes that can be a) functional, b) supportive, and c) yeah, ridiculously cute. (I mean, I’m not dead yet. I still have some standards of looking borderline attractive. No, they really are there.)

I am neither Waldo nor a pirate.
Just in case it ever comes up.

I’m massively in love with my new boots from Orthaheel (the Nell, in black) for these very reasons, as well as the fact that they look vaguely motorcycle-y which, sure, I’ll never be in any danger of riding an actual motorcycle, but I think we can all agree that it’s an attractive look for Fall. (The boots. Not me on a bike. Because never.) The ruching by the ankle is a cute touch, and I love side zip boots. Love ’em. (So does P.J., who will be in charge of all things Footwear Removal within the next few months.) And the footbed is roomy and supported and ohmyword feels like a nice, footly hug.

Here’s what else I dig about these boots and this company: the technology that went into creating this line of shoes and boots is clinically proven to reduce pronation (read: not walking like a normal person, KEELY), and can help your overall foot feel like a million bucks.

You can check out this wonderful line of footwear at Sole Provisions– where I got mine- which not only features some rather adorable shoes and boots, but also offers brands upon brands designed to make your bones and joints and extremities feel adorable, too.

As someone who’s currently plowing through her third pregnancy, I’ll take all the adorable-makin’/adorable-feelin’ help I can get.

And cute boots, too.

Although I was compensated for this post by Sole Provisions and Orthaheel, all thoughts and opinions (and gushy love for footwear) are my own.



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