Splashing, spinning & soaring kids in Chicago

Disclosure: This physical activity magnificence is sponsored by some of our favorite places around Chicago. Even though I’m being compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and utterly fearless children are entirely my own.


Listen, bedtime doesn’t help itself along. And when your kiddos have a touch of the Chicago Spring Fever (thanks, global warming!), getting that energy out in short, adorable bursts pretty much benefits everyone. Here’s what we did during weeks 1 and 2!

And here’s where we played recently:

Goldfish Swim School- Wicker Park

Week 3– Oh, Goldfish, how we love you. Jasper was joined by his pal again, and happily did the “float across the pool while holding various flotation devices” thing. (He’s always loved free rides.) I happily watched my kid learn to be comfy in the water. (I’ve always loved someone else doing my job for me- and better, at that.) The girls strutted in like they owned the joint, and promptly SWAM like it was going out of style. (I still can’t get over this. They legit did not know how to swim mere weeks ago.)

Week 4– Nora and Suzy jumped to their teachers and dunked themselves. Like, they weren’t even being chased. And Jasper? Oh, Jasper donned goggles and swam underwater. What is this, Narnia?

Chicago kid classes

Design Dance

Week 3- The girls got incredibly good at working in pairs and groups during this week’s Design Dance hip hop class. That’s pretty much all I could get out of them; I’m pretty sure it was the dance equivalent to Rush Week. Or asking someone to prom. (Because, as we all know, if your partner doesn’t know how to do your deep knee-bend/kick step/twirl the same way as you- YOU WILL LOOK RIDICULOUS.

Week 4- Isolation. Swag. Shakira? Basically, popping and locking to my favorite club songs. (Why am I not the one taking this class?!)

Windy City Ninjas

And now for Week 1 of this incredible class at this amazing facility, wherein Suzy got full permission to go airborne as often as possible and Jasper overcome near-debilitating shyness to make a bestie while rocking a a balance beam:

Well, that’s a large part of what happened at Windy City Ninjas, a 10,000 square foot gym located in the north side’s Bradley Place, and featuring a stellar staff (including honest-to-gosh, legit contenders from American Ninja Warrior) as well as classes for babies to adults. (And parties. Oh, the parties.) J and S are part of a Li’l Warriors class (ages 2-5), even though Susannah has enough energy to power the whole block. Observe:

Thanks, guys.

Love, Keely & P.J.

(eating dinner in peace)

(except for the snoring coming from the kids’ bedrooms)

(which is strangely magnificent)



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