Our fave Chicago kid activities, a.k.a. Guaranteed Sleep

Disclosure: I’m thrilled to work with these marvelous Chicago businesses- and my kids have pretty much hit the Activity Lottery. Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and kiddos with swagger are entirely my own. *** New to our adventures around town? Check here and here for previous weeks’ escapades! It’s been incredibly, gloriously fun. That said, keeping track of the weeks has been haaard, you guys. So…recap! Recap: Goldfish Swim School, Bradley Place- Ooh man, if I could name one {Read More}

Chicago kids love to float, pose, and scale

Disclosure: My kids are ridiculously lucky to try all of this stuff for free. Although my activities around Chicago are compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and impressively flexible children are entirely my own. *** Want to see what those monkeys of mine have been up to for the past two weeks? (Here’s a recap for folks just tuning in now; don’t worry, the only plot twist that could possibly confuse you would be the moment that I jumped in the pool. Which {Read More}

Splashing, spinning & soaring kids in Chicago

Disclosure: This physical activity magnificence is sponsored by some of our favorite places around Chicago. Even though I’m being compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and utterly fearless children are entirely my own. *** Listen, bedtime doesn’t help itself along. And when your kiddos have a touch of the Chicago Spring Fever (thanks, global warming!), getting that energy out in short, adorable bursts pretty much benefits everyone. Here’s what we did during weeks 1 and 2! And here’s where we played recently: {Read More}

Splashing and splitzing around Chicago: Weeks 1 & 2

Disclosure: My kids are lucky li’l ducks to be offered so many complimentary classes. But although I’m being compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and snoring offspring are entirely my own. *** That trio of mine enjoys staying supremely active. (And I enjoy letting them out crazy amounts of excess afternoon energy; it’s a little bit like letting a bit of steam eke out of a very full, very shouty teapot.) And thanks to Goldfish Swim School and Design Dance- our two {Read More}

Wednesday Roundup: Dance, play, watch, and create.

Apparently I’m bringing back the round-up: (Apparently there’s way too much to do in this town.) Guys- you’re not too late! Take your littles to (our favorite place) Pickle’s Playroom to see (our favorite peeps) The Play Cafè join in on the interactive Radio Party! This super-duper music and storytelling duo of Linda and Brad (which you might remember from oh- lemme see- Monday’s birthday spectacular) brings the fun, the laughs, the dancin,’ and ohmyGAWD the subsequent naps. Cost for the performance {Read More}