Kitchen, bathroom & deck renovation REVEAL!

So, what do we have to show for three weeks of work, zero access to a working kitchen, and one humongo sleepover for the last part of the school year?



(Turns out, Italian porcelain tile- regardless of shimmer level- is always the correct choice.)

(Can we get a close-up on that sexy new door?)


And this:


And- oh- this:


Plus, here’s my new favorite bathroom:


(I readily admit bathroom photography ain’t my forté. The new bathroom is much brighter and much sunnier and much more Hey, We’re in Tuscany!)

And a porch so marvy it looks like it’s always been there:


a) The post caps are back-ordered. You really can’t rush these things. (At all.) b) I wasn’t expecting a largish kiddie pool next to my new deck, but I’m not entirely sure why I wasn’t.

It’s enough to make my heart swell. (And ache a little bit, knowing my Dad would’ve flipped for this shiz.) And feel proud, because we finally- finallyfinally- went ahead with this project that we jonesed for back in ’09.

And- oh man, it’s enough to make P.J. a little nervous.

Because wait ’til you see what I want to do next.

Jasper floor



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