Kitchen, bathroom & deck renovation REVEAL!

So, what do we have to show for three weeks of work, zero access to a working kitchen, and one humongo sleepover for the last part of the school year? This: (Can we get a close-up on that sexy new door?) And this: And- oh- this: Plus, here’s my new favorite bathroom: And a porch so marvy it looks like it’s always been there: It’s enough to make my heart swell. (And ache a little bit, knowing my Dad would’ve flipped for {Read More}

Losing a window, losing my mind (Week 1)

Today’s post is short- ’cause so’s my patience. You see, we’re living in, on, and directly underneath a demolition zone. A cutting board across a washing machine is my Barbie Dream House of a kitchen, complete with the whole thing where we step over tools and cat supplies. (Oh, and that’s where the hose is hooked up, too, to continue draining the basement boiler. That last part is especially new. But no less fun!) I combed construction dust out of {Read More}

Why I’m the worst at home renovations

I’m feeling stuck. About what, you ask? (…After a moment where you wonder if I’m just going to go ahead and start rambling anyhow, so the polite thing to do is to offer a token “ask?”) Well, I’ll tell you. We’re getting a new kitchen floor. WHAT A BOUGIE-ASS THING TO BE FEELING “STUCK” ABOUT. (I know.) But here’s the thing; after almost eight years in this house and dealing with exploding sewers and marauding rats and folks attempting to {Read More}