“Because I said so.” (And so did the #StreamTeam.)

Disclosure: As a member of Netflix’s Stream Team, I get to watch a ridiculously wonderful amount of programming and call it RESEARCH. (Oh, and share it with you.) Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and last words are entirely my own.



This may come as no humongous surprise, but I enjoy arguing.

Oh, not when someone’s being aggressive in traffic or if I think someone’s, like, thinking mean thoughts about me— I’m way too non-confrontational for those sort of life skills. No, I mean completely inconsequential arguing.

A.k.a Arguing With Loved Ones. (I’m exceptional at that.)

Netflix refers to it as the art of “persuasion” which, I agree, sounds much nicer. But if the end result is we get to watch what I want to watch, we can call it “apple picking” if that makes you happier. (See? I can be quite agreeable, too.)

Some recent successes in the field (haha) of apple picking include the other day when I insisted that my stir-crazy offspring join me in streaming Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.

They wanted Masha’s Spooky Stories. Which is absolutely a marvelous show, but if I have to hear one of those six episodes even once more I may start reciting the dialogue with hand puppets. (“Gather ‘round, boys n’ girls…”)

I said- nope, Pee-Wee.

They wanted Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos. Which- well played, children. That was the last show I demanded- er, suggested we stream in its entirety.

But I insisted. And even deployed my most serious of serious weapons.

“Guess I’ll take the remote back upstairs with me.”

Pee-Wee sounds great!” “It’s my new favorite.”

“Well, if you’re sure…”

So we settled in to revisit Pee-Wee (they’ve seen and loved the majority of his movies, so I think the resistance was strictly Masha-based) and meet Chairey and the gang. And guess what? They thought it was incredible. Revolving toy shelves? Miniature dinosaurs living inside mouse holes? Laurence Fishburne as a lassoing cowboy?

Solid. GOLD.

It gave me the warm n’ fuzzies that this introduction to classic TV cemented my Good Parent status for the hour. (Don’t judge.) It almost surpassed the warm n’ fuzzies that came from being right, dammit, why don’t you people listen to me the first time?

And it made up for the fact that my three children screamed with glee every time someone said “door” for the next two days.

Two. Whole. Days. Of. Screaming. For. The. Word. DOOR.

Still totally worth it.


Want more, ah, persuasion than I employ? Check out these adorable #StreamTeam cheat sheets.

Chef's Table Flowchart

Rogue One Flowchart

(But feel free to use my “take the remote” trick as it suits you.)

Also on our glee-filled radar? All you (still) need is love with our ongoing obsession of Beat Bugs. To help us celebrate, Netflix sent my tiny beat-filled bugs some great new toys that would make Jay, Crick, Walter, Buzz and Kumi proud.

(And for the love of…how cute are these jammies?)


Thanks, @netflix, for the unexpected Beat Bugs holiday! #streamteam

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Ooh-whee, they amplified her. (Oh, you’re gonna want to turn the volume up for this one.)


Check these- and more!- fun goodies over at Target. Because, sure, all you need is love…

But a great soundtrack never hurt, either.




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