Promoting STEAM with “Project MC2” & the #StreamTeam

Netflix Parenting Cheat Sheet

Disclosure: As a member of Netflix’s Stream Team, I’m super-duper happy to continue the convo this month about what the kids are learning- and from whom. Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and gadget-happy kids are entirely my own. *** Half of parenting is instilling important values in your kids. (The other half is yelling inane things from either the top or bottom of any given stairwell. “Trucks aren’t for nostrils!” et. al.) And I’m not going to lie; raising {Read More}

Jasper’s big (tiny) Halloween #StreamTeam reveal


Disclosure: As part of Netflix’s superbly fun #StreamTeam, I get to extol the virtues of the latest and greatest in streaming content. Although I’m compensated for my work, all thoughts, opinions, and downright edible children are entirely my own. *** Halloween is hard. Not the overstimulation, the constant blocking of gory zombie displays, or even the crazy amounts of candy consumption (that part is embarrassingly¬†easy)… No, what’s hard is the dressing-up and going-out and keeping-on of a costume for a {Read More}

Building grey matter with the #StreamTeam.

Jasper science bottle

Disclosure: As a member of Netflix’s Stream Team, it’s my media-happy pleasure to share the best of the streaming (and curated) best each month. Even though I’m compensated for my posts, all thoughts, opinions, and loud children are entirely my own. *** Netflix makes kids smarter. No, really. Sure, there are the zombie-inducing, brain-breaking shows (you know, like some of the ones we grew up with?) but it always feel so good for my brain (and conscience) when my offspring {Read More}