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Disclosure: As a member of Netflix’s #StreamTeam, I take my role of sharing potentially autumn-saving media with you extremely seriously. Read to the end of this post for a pretty rare, pretty awesome Netflix subscription giveaway! Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and organizational tendencies are entirely my own.


Fall can be an incredibly fast-paced, ridiculously intense month if you’re not too careful.

I am generally careful.

Alongside my supply of extra hoodies (because I swear my kids leave them places much like errant Post-It notes) and a sensible amount of hand sanitizer (read: for any time my kids have high-fived a surface like a public toilet or cafeteria door handle), I keep a steady stream of Netflix shows at the ready.

Jasper has recently fallen in love with all things PJ Masks. You guys know this Disney Jr. show, right? It’s adorable- about Connor, Amaya, and Greg, three six year-old pals who, when donning their jammies, become superheroes who fight nice, gentle crime while learning the benefits of teamwork (and sometimes finishing up science projects together). I’m wholly on board with this show because a) Jasper can be convinced to do nearly anything if I sing the theme song and make it a team mission, and b) Amaya’s alter-ego Owlette isn’t relegated to being simply the girl sidekick or the pixie dust-holder. (Ahem.)

PJ Masks Story Art

And as for me? I’m staving off the October crazies by bingeing the exceptional documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. Have you seen this? You should see this. It follows people who’ve made changes huge and not-so-extreme to get back to basics and rediscover the stuff that buying stuff can’t buy. (Since watching, I’ve begun following the Minimalists on social media- and emptied out an entire room of my house. Legit.)

More October preparedness? Stranger Things 2 premieres on October 27th- are you ready to return to Hawkins? Oh, you will be, especially when you enter to win this faboo giveaway!

Stranger Things 2

Comment below- and tag a pal who doesn’t yet have a Netflix subscription- and you both will be entered to win 3 months free! (Yep, it can be added to existing subscriptions- think of it like your very own Netflix allowance.) More rules:

Rules of Entry:

  • Only one (1) Netflix Subscription code can be won by each entrant per calendar year
  • Giveaway ends on 10/24/17 at 11:59pm PST, all entries must be cast by then to qualify
  • If selected, winners must provide their email as well as the email of their tagged friend upon request to receive the complimentary code

Good luck!!



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