The day my Dad sent trains to my son.

Jasper trains

I promise this is a true story. I don’t really talk about otherworldly moments a heck of a lot, because spiritual presences are a) intensely personal, b) intensely open to mockery, and c) intensely likely to cause a ton of introspective, overly maudlin writing about WHAT does it ALL MEAN. It doesn’t make for stellar blogging. That said, I believe the spirits of our loved ones are always around us (especially riiiight after we have a moment or two where {Read More}

Want to help Syrian refugee babies? Do this.

Photo credit: Heroic Hearts Organization

I’ve been looking at baby pictures lately. This isn’t wholly unusual, but it definitely ramps up as we hit new milestones (lost teeth!) or fall back on old frustrations (remember when sucking her thumb was cute?) or, really, any time I have feelings about life and love and loss and worry. Like I said, I’ve been looking at baby pictures lately. I delivered all three of my babies in a wonderful hospital in a major city with a skilled surgeon {Read More}

Things I didn’t do today.

Snapchat toast

In honor of the fact that I’ve been saying ‘what a week, right?’ since Monday evening, I’d like to offer a list of things which presented themselves to me today, and of which I decidedly did not take advantage. You’re welcome. Things I didn’t do today: Hit someone at the crosswalk. Even though my car was fully stopped (by law) and he had the right-of-way (by law), he still felt the need to do that hands fully extended thing as he shuffled off {Read More}

To my Auntie Joan, who showed me how to “treasure.”


If there’s anything that my Auntie Joan taught me, it’s that collections can be become treasures. Treasures can become household-defining. And, when passed on to the right person, the whole shebang becomes elevated beyond a group of tchotchkes to a mantel (or room) worth of heirlooms that make your heart sing. How else to explain my fierce adoration of the whimsical pewter animals- some with startled expressions- gracing my desk? Or the teacups, so many teacups, from her travels across {Read More}

What I know to be true today: January 26th, 2017


OhmyGAWD it’s been a week, hasn’t it? (What do you mean, it’s only Thursday? …That’s cool. I thought it was Tuesday for at least three hours this morning.) In a week like this (in a month like this, in a year like this, in an election cycle and subsequent four years like this), it’s good to check in with myself (and others) on what I know to be true today. Here’s what I know to be true today: Chicago is, {Read More}

Signing off, sending love, sharing ideas


Oh, loves, it has been a YEAR. Since I’m in a share-y kinda mood, here’s this great piece I read the other day. You know how (many, many, many) of you feel like this was an utterly write-off-able year? Here’s the awesome thing: It actually was moderately/pretty close to wonderfully wonderful. Want to keep it that way for 2017 and check off some last-minute gifts at the very same time? Donate here: To help the people of Syria, the Red {Read More}

Be a good guy.


“Have a good day, buddy. Be…” “-A good guy,” he tells me. That’s Jasper’s constant- and recently new- refrain. This preschooler’s mantra has become oddly more effective than the looming TIME OUT on the couch, more than the seemingly random removal of toys, and definitely more than the promise that, if he’s patient, something nebulously awesome will happen in a half hour or so. Be a good guy.  Since this past summer, it’s seemed an adorably harmless and sweetly moral-compassy catchphrase {Read More}

16 things you should know about my Mom (a birthday list)


Yes, it’s Tuesday. Yes, I’m going to go ahead and pretend it’s my normal Thursday posting date. (Listen, if recent events have taught me anything, it’s that- quite literally- anything can happen. Today I’m spinning that for good.) The main reason I’m posting today is to inform my fellow travelers on the internet that my mother, one Deborah J., is celebrating a birthday today. Which really means she’s being regaled throughout the day by her normal daughters, and then sporadically {Read More}