2 to do: Chicago’s coolest things ever (for April)

Chicago, IL - Odysseo by Cavalia - Opening Night 8

Disclosure: I’m frequently invited to try out, witness, and drink artistic greatness. More disclosure: Yes, I know how great this is. Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and stoked family members are entirely my own. *** Cavalia’s Odysseo is billed as “The Greatest Show Ever.” Here’s why it totally is. First off, even if you’ve seen a majestic show under a big top, even if you’ve gotten ‘been there, seen that’ about spectacle in general, you really haven’t seen what {Read More}

Hey, gang, let’s put on a show! (With Netflix & the #StreamTeam)


Disclosure: As a member of Netflix’s Stream Team, I get to have a stupid amount of fun and pretend it’s all for the children. Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and felt creations are entirely my own. (Okay, fine, the kids helped.) *** Remember back in the day, back when Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, et.al were all about Putting On A Show? (I’m not saying it’s back in MY day, but it’s definitely in my mental Filofax of cultural {Read More}

#RiseUp, a.k.a. Time to go back to church


In today’s tale of… #BestLife questionable parenting moments …We have a quote from the one and only, five year-old, establishment-smashing child of mine. From the backseat of the car this morning, Suzy piped up with a question. “Mom? Do all churches have pictures of Jesus?” Knowing this was Suzy, and knowing that was not the real question she was asking, I paused for a second. “Well, Christian churches do.” “All?” “I think so, sweetheart.” “So, none have pictures of Alexander Hamilton?” {Read More}

A Friday round-up? What?!


This gloriously, actually springlike weather is giving me all sorts of happy-sharing feelings. (Don’t worry- I’m not about to sing.) Here are some of my favorite events and things for you to know right now! YouCom: Tomorrow, May 7th! The Chicago Youth Comedy Festival is hosting a brand-new, one of a kind (and one day only) comedy extravaganza for- and with- young audiences. From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. this Saturday, workshops running the gamut from physical improv to sketch {Read More}

TodayTix, easy theatergoing & free Mary Poppins tickets!

Chicago - Filters

Disclosure: Although I’ve been compensated by TodayTix, all thoughts, opinions, and rabid ticket-reserving of Second City shows are entirely my own.  *** You live in Chicago. Ergo, you’ve seen- and dug- live theatre. Oh wait, this is where I say that I’ve got something pretty great to tell my fellow Chicagoans. TodayTix The body count of great shows (at any given time, concerning any given subject, aimed at any given age range) is astounding. And paying less for great things is {Read More}

9 performances left of Robert Joffrey’s The Nutcracker- ever!

Joffrey - Nutcracker, Mother Ginger's Polichinelles - Photo by Cheryl Mann

Certain Chicago holiday traditions are sacrosanct in this household: Buying a fluffy tree at Home Depot (don’t judge), collecting miniature glass animals at the Christkindlmarket, drinking out of boots at samesuch market during daylight hours (don’t judge), dashing between the gorgeous international Christmas trees at the MSI, and absolutely- absolutely– sighing our way through the Joffrey Ballet’s magical The Nutcracker. It’s also one of the few family traditions which is Gals Only. (For reasons that have nothing to do with gender, {Read More}

See Forks & Hope’s Robin Hood and Maid Marian right now.

Robin and Marian

Fans of the Robin Hood saga really love the Robin Hood saga, from cartoon fox to Americanized accent with many BBC forays in between. Forks & Hope and Strawdog Theatre Company have a new Robin Hood that is none of those things- in the most incredible way possible. Adapted from Alfred Lord Tennyson’s The Foresters, the snappy production of Robin Hood and Maid Marian has something for all age ranges and theatrical preferences; lyrical prose for the word nerds among us, a {Read More}

Thanksgiving, Chicago theatre, and a heavily discounted book!


Happy Cyber Monday! Thanks for spending it here (…on your way to that Amazon flash sale dealie). Last week was so jam-packed and Thanksgiving was so marvelous that I totally forgot about my Thursday post until, uh, last night. (Whee! Now that’s some quality turkey-ing.) Highlights: We spent the day itself at our great friends’/neighbors’ house and completely encroached upon their extended family time. (Thanks, Coopers!) Related: is that corn pudding/casserole thing a Midwestern wonder, or have people just been {Read More}