Chef Inside the Box, love inside your belly

Disclosure: I actually, truly love cooking. Most nights, I actually, truly cook. …Sometimes I don’t. So, today’s post features Chef Inside the Box, whom I’m pretty sure you’re going to adore. Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and clean plate clubs are entirely my own. *** So, like I said, I cook most nights. I say “nights” because, let’s be real: P.J. handles 90% of the breakfast at 6:30am- when I am not at my “taking orders chipperiest best”- and, legit, no {Read More}

2 to try: Your New Fave Foods edition.

So, sometimes companies send me products and I like them. Sometimes they send me products and I need to take an immediate nap to forget the aforementioned products even exist in this version of the universe. (I don’t get a nap, but I definitely need one.) And sometimes they send me products so terrifically marvelous that they become my new favorites and, instead of further compensation, I inform the companies that I’ll just go ahead and write about them for {Read More}