Things I didn’t do today.

Snapchat toast

In honor of the fact that I’ve been saying ‘what a week, right?’ since Monday evening, I’d like to offer a list of things which presented themselves to me today, and of which I decidedly did not take advantage. You’re welcome. Things I didn’t do today: Hit someone at the crosswalk. Even though my car was fully stopped (by law) and he had the right-of-way (by law), he still felt the need to do that hands fully extended thing as he shuffled off {Read More}

Avoidance, a.k.a, three more minutes, please.

susannah superhero

There are weeks where I’m feeling quite gung-ho about vigilance, justice, and general pants-putting-on-itude. See if you can guess if this has been one of those weeks. Recently, I’ve done this: Watched The Entire Twilight Series. Oh, not so bad, you say? What if I tell you I started the first one on a weeknight when P.J. was out, mainlined the second while he was snoring in bed beside me mere hours later, demolished the third one in ten-minute increments throughout {Read More}

2 to try: Mexican food edition.

keely margarita

Here’s a big ol’ fact: I’m crazy about Mexican food. Like, I can be bought for some queso. During each pregnancy, I was convinced that my emerging children would be comprised entirely of tamale. Another factoid: My family lives in a largely Mexican neighborhood. The food is ridic. So amazing, mind you, that we rarely stray for spicier pastures. Third truth: In the past month alone, I’ve been invited to bring the fam to two establishments outside of the Albany/Irving {Read More}

Heartburn, A.K.A. How not to eat with a 2 year-old.


The time: 7:56 a.m. The scene: The living room floor I could tell that the two littles were going to have a special brand of crazy for their day. Waking with the sun didn’t help. The humidity making their breakfast-covered jammies stick to their crabby little bodies didn’t do much to improve morale, either. So I decided to streamline my morning routine to almost nil, in order to turn this day around as soon as humanly possible. Please keep in {Read More}

Things you need to know right now: Memorial Day edition.


Memorial Day weekend inspires the average homeowner to do two things: eat lots of grilled meat, and fix things around the house. (P.J. would suggest that I’m not the “average” homeowner, especially when it comes to the prospect of eating food and changing things up.) Have I got some info for you! Chicago loves the Weber Grill. (And everyone visiting Chicago, naturally, loves the Weber Grill.) What’s not to adore? Primo locale next to the Mag Mile, an off-the-charts awesome {Read More}

Hidden Garden wants to mail you delightful cookies.

hidden garden cookies1

Disclosure: This a product review for Hidden Garden Foods and I was compensated with deliciousness, but all thoughts, opinions, and ginger snap crumbs are entirely my own. *** Cookies. COOKIES. Who wants cookies?! (I swear to goodness, sometimes my job is stupidly easy.) When the good people at Hidden Garden reached out to me and asked if they could send me some cookies to try, I immediately said yes. When they informed me that the gluten-free, nut-free, all natural cookies {Read More}

“Today I’ll Do A Cleanse”- A true story.


9:03 p.m.: You know what? I don’t feel good. I bet I’d feel good if I did a cleanse. A really hardcore, greens-only, strictly liquid kinda cleanse. For three whole days. Starting tomorrow morning. 9:04 p.m.: Good Lord, I’m going to look incredible. My skin’ll probably glow, too. 9:05 p.m.: Maybe I’ll eat eggs though. Hard-boiled ones. With absolutely nothing on them. That n’ green juice. Man, I’ll feel great. 9:06 p.m.: Are almonds okay? I think almonds are okay. {Read More}

Your new fave martinis & a Skinnygirl giveaway!


Disclosure: I’ve been provided all manner of incredible beverages in exchange for this week’s reviews and giveaways but a) I swear I am not intoxicated and b) all thoughts, opinions, and good cheer are entirely my own. *** It’s Wednesday again and you know what that means: Giveaways and delightfulness! Today’s stuff you need to know about, Holiday Edition 4.0 is all about the yummies. Things I Want You To Eat and Drink: ‘Tis the season for sweet treats! Fans {Read More}