Speaking up and helping out.

In the hopes of sharing things “outside of my bubble,” I’m posting what I wrote yesterday on Facebook right here. Not because my voice is so terribly important and not because I have a pressing need to make the various crises in the world about my particular path, but because vigilance against injustice ain’t really a pick n’ choose kind of thing. Plus, speaking up paves the way for real, actualized results. Like the hate-filled Daily Stormer website having its {Read More}

The worst/best neighborhood in the world/Chicago.

Sometimes you hate your neighborhood. Sometimes it’s too grungy and loud and entirely too in-your-face for a person who (perhaps) has just returned from the seaside. It doesn’t matter which seaside, only that the glaring juxtaposition with any seaside drives home the fact that someone has recently puked in the alley and you may or may not have run over an already deceased rodent while parking in your garage immediately upon returning from said anonymous seaside. Sometimes after-hours Spanish karaoke sessions {Read More}