Being present (and ditching the phone again)

Jasper play time

Sometimes the universe helps me to be more present with my children. Sometimes it manifests in the form of things I’ve already signed on to do. Like, volunteering in my youngest’s preschool. Now, we go to a co-op for many reasons; it’s a wonderful family environment, my closest friends are in that community, it’s ridic cheap… But part n’ parcel with that lower cost comes the expectation that families will volunteer at least once a month. For the whole class. {Read More}

Phone addictions and you. (But mostly me.)

iphone addict

I have a confession about my phone. I am one thousand percent addicted to my phone. And not in a cutesy, “shopping is my LIFE” way. No. I am unable to function without my iPhone. I’ve recently had a chance to find out how [sadly] true this is. You know how everyone’s buzzing about Apple intentionally throttling their “older” models of phone? (And we’re talking 6S, people, not the iPhone 2 from 2007. I got my 6S late in 2016. It {Read More}