Phone addictions and you. (But mostly me.)

iphone addict

I have a confession about my phone. I am one thousand percent addicted to my phone. And not in a cutesy, “shopping is my LIFE” way. No. I am unable to function without my iPhone. I’ve recently had a chance to find out how [sadly] true this is. You know how everyone’s buzzing about Apple intentionally throttling their “older” models of phone? (And we’re talking 6S, people, not the iPhone 2 from 2007. I got my 6S late in 2016. It {Read More}

New year, same blog & a 2018 word

new year 2018 party

Happy new year! Happy same blog. Which is…good. “Same” can be comforting in a new year, especially in light of so much oh no oh no oh no whaaaat that pretty much defined 2017. Speaking of new years and definitions, I’ve chosen my word for 2018. (Because I’m saccharine and a hippie and a lemming.) Last year’s word, if you’ll recall, was a firm NO. (Which, come on, what good did I think would come out of that? Besides the {Read More}

Merry Everything (and see you in 2018)!

Lollygag Blog family picture

Signing off for this year, pals. May the rest of December bring you: …The happiest holidays if you celebrate, and a peaceful end of 2017 if you don’t. (Heck, I wish everyone a peaceful end of 2017. BYE, 2017!) …Gluten-free treats that taste like normal people food. (Or, you know, awesome food for non-allergics if you’re non-allergic.) …Naps. I wish you many naps. …At least one moment over the next couple of weeks that makes you feel like a good member of society, {Read More}

Netflix #StreamTeam love, all year ’round


Disclosure: As part of Netflix’s Stream Team, I get to deck the halls with the jingliest of streaming titles. Although I’m compensated, all thoughts, opinions, and five golden rings are entirely my own. (Especially if my husband’s been picking up what I’ve been laying down.) *** It’s been a year. Thankfully, Netflix has given me a year’s worth of streamy goodness for the brain and soul- practically a pear tree’s worth. On the first month of 2017, my Netflix gave {Read More}

Best laid plans (a January re-entry blog)


Hi guys! I’m baaack, what’d I miss- ohmyGodWHAT’Shappeningtomorrow?! Kidding, kidding. I may have not been posting, but I certainly haven’t been living under a rock. (Sigh.) Now this is the part where everyone says they were kidding, too. The whole country, in fact. I’ll wait. … Here’s what I’ve learned during my four-week absence from the ol’ blog. (Good grief- four weeks? Christmas was already a month ago? I remember maybe two days of what’s happened since then. Someone needs to {Read More}

Back in the (germy) saddle!

butterfly coat

Happy 2016, friends! (…almost a full month in.)  Not to lean too heavily on a Sherlock cliffhanger ending or anything, but- MISS ME?  Thus far, I’ve spent the entirety of 2016 thinking up content schedules and bloggy redesign (and have yet to make any hard n’ fast decisions, ha HA)! Here’s what I do know, however; I’m going back to posting the blahbedity blah stuff (what we in the business call my free-associating, through line-free, loosely held grasp on the {Read More}

See you in shiny, sparkly 2016!

Schoeny family 2015

Oh, friends. It’s been a year. A loud year, a quietly sad year, a tense/angry/anxious year, and a year full of such profoundly beautiful moments that they took my breath away in gratitude. Back in the day (like, as recently as 2014), my biggest New Year’s resolution was to drink more water. Because, like, I had everything else completely figured out. Hahahahahaha, 2014-and-earlier-Keely. You optimistic, dehydrated fool. This year, I’m wishing for the ability to set boundaries when I need them, {Read More}